Brand South Africa welcomes Minister Gordhan’s Budget Speech

first_imgThe increase in budget for the Criminal Justice System and the police services will support the priorities of fighting crime and ensuring that the criminal justice system functions efficiently. The Department of Police has reprioritised R2.5b over the MTEF to improve detective and forensic capability. The Department of Justice and Constitutional Development receives R1.2b for the revamp and modernisation programme. These increases recognise the rights of South Africans to access efficient and well-resourced criminal justice services in accordance with the Constitution.As a developing country SA requires investment in critical infrastructure projects that will have a catalytic impact on the economy. In this regard Brand South Africa welcomes the announcement that over the next 3 years R827 billion is planned to be spent by the fiscus and state-owned companies on infrastructure.Minister Gordhan also emphasised that in order to achieve socio-developmental objectives, the 2013-14 budget allocation of R430b for construction of schools, hospitals, clinics dams and electricity distribution networks is, among other imperatives, intended to encourage business to keep investing in our economy and seize the opportunities around us.Minister Gordhan indicated that the NDP acknowledges the global shift of economic power from West to East, while also highlighting the rise of Africa. Brand South Africa welcomes the Minister’s announcements on a number of proposed measures to relax cross boarder financial regulations and tax requirements for companies. “This is an important step to enabling trade and supporting regional integration” says Miller Matola, Brand South Africa CEO.Note to EditorsBrand South Africa, previously known as the International Marketing Council of South Africa, officially changed its name to best align with its mandate of building South Africa’s nation brand reputation in order to improve its global competitiveness.For more information, please contact:Maredi Mogodi+27 11 712 5057Email: maredim@brandsouthafrica.comVisit www.brandsouthafrica.comENDS.last_img read more

Data Storage: SDS: Dumbing Down Storage Hardware to Achieve Greater Efficiencies

first_imgLike SDN, this trend towards using a software strategy to simplify the base storage hardware components is being called Software-Defined Storage (SDS).   SDS is about separating out storage management features from storage devices.  The idea is that cheap commodity storage units could be controlled at the software layer to enable storage functions like de-duplication, replication and thin provisioning. How to reduce data storage costs?  Some think that data storage hardware needs to be dumbed down.  Similar to the work being done on Software-Defined Networks (SDN) to dumb down networking hardware components like routers and switches, some are trying a similar approach with storage devices.  Work being done by Facebook on the Open Compute Project is one example.  The Register recently described work being done by Frank Frankovsky, who leads the Open Computer project at Facebook, as an attempt to simplify data storage by eliminating “vendor-specific frippery and feature froth in favor of raw, vanilla stripped-down, back-to-basics hardware features that deliver low cost, low power use, high performance and cost-efficiency in hyper-scale data centers.” It’s estimated that there will be 4 zetabytes of information created this year and 2 zetabytes of that will be saved on some sort of storage medium.  How much is that?  A lot.  EMC estimates that the in 2013 that the data storage market will be a $100 billion business.Dick Csaplar, senior research analyst for Aberdeen Group, found that businesses spend about 12 percent of their IT budget on data storage and that their needs are currently doubling every year.  He said that “The demand for storage is growing at an unprecedented rate… You think about what percentage of your IT budget go towards storage, and now start doubling that every two years, you’ve got to rob from other portions of your IT budget or you’ve got to figure out smarter ways to deal with this.”center_img Keith Norbie, vice president of Nexus, said that “The whole reason the term exists is to give storage the play the software-defined networking movement has.  The problem is, we already have software-defined storage. But we lacked the ability to really define it.”last_img read more

Tiny snail takes flight underwater

first_imgThis tiny snail looks like just a colored dot in the ocean, but under a microscope the reason for its name, “sea butterfly,” becomes clear.  Most snails move by pushing a muscular foot against the sea bottom. But the “foot” of this snail, Limacina helicina, has evolved into two flapping appendages that deserve to be called wings, researchers report this week. Usually, the snail is quite hard to find, but its populations boom during a few weeks each year. And its size varies: The snails grow to just 4 millimeters long in the north Pacific, but reach 14 millimeters off Antarctica. It moves up and down the water column quite fast for such a small creature. To find out how, researchers trained four high-speed video cameras on one 1.5-cubic-centimeter spot in a saltwater aquarium containing some of the smaller snails. They added lots of microscopic reflecting particles and used a laser to make the particles visible. Then they waited, hoping a snail would swim into view. Three snails did, providing the team with a close-up, slow-motion look at how they moved and stirred the surrounding water. Most sea-going microorganisms use their appendages as paddles to push against what feels to them like a thick stew. But the sea butterfly “flies” (see video), generating lift by rotating its wings and body in a figure 8, almost clapping the wings together at the top of the stroke—just like a small flying insect, the team reported in the Journal of Experimental Biology. Some of the researchers are now testing whether the larger Antarctic snails swim the same way, and one is trying to build a flying robot that mimics the mollusk’s efficient technique.last_img read more

Ohio State womens basketball nonconference schedule released

Shelby Lum / Photo editorKevin McGuff is scheduled to begin his Ohio State coaching career on Nov. 8 when he leads the women’s basketball team on the road to take on the West Virginia Mountaineers in Morgantown.McGuff, who joined the Buckeyes in April from the University of Washington, will face a tough non-conference schedule that includes seven NCAA tournament teams.Highlighting the non-conference slate is a showdown with the defending National Champion Connecticut Huskies on Dec. 1 in Springfield, Mass. The game is scheduled to be the feature contest of the Basketball Hall of Fame Challenge and will be aired on ESPN2.OSU will also play Monmouth Nov. 22, Marist Nov. 23, and Bowling Green Nov. 24 as part of the Hall of Fame Challenge. The Buckeyes will then finish the month with a home game against Lehigh on Nov. 27.OSU will play Florida Atlantic on Nov. 10 in their 2013-14 home opener. Next, Virginia Commonwealth travels to Columbus Nov. 14 to take on the Buckeyes.Next up, OSU will face a stiff challenge when it hits the road to take on the Georgia Bulldogs Nov. 17. The Bulldogs made it to the Elite Eight of the NCAA tournament last season and return two of their top players in Tiara Griffin and Shacobia Barbee.After closing out the Hall of Fame Challenge against Connecticut, the Buckeyes will travel to Maryland to take on the Terrapins on Dec. 5 as part of the Big Ten/ACC Challenge. OSU will then come home for two games against Gonzaga Dec. 8 and Army Dec. 13.The final non-conference road game will take place against state rivals Cincinnati on Dec. 15. The Buckeyes finish their non-conference slate with three home games against Tennessee Martin Dec. 17, Appalachian State Dec. 20 and North Carolina Central Dec. 29. read more

Opinion Ousting of Chief Wahoo disappointing for Cleveland Indians fans

Cleveland Indians pitcher Chris Perez (54) throws the ball during a game against the Kansas City Royals Sept. 17 at Kauffman Stadium. Cleveland won, 5-3.Courtesy of MCTFor those of you who are Cleveland Indians fans, the following, while not unexpected, is becoming an unfortunate reality.Chief Wahoo might very well be on his way out of Cleveland forever.In recent years, the Indians organization has come under fire from the Native American population for its Chief Wahoo logo. Some say Chief Wahoo is racist and should be retired, never to be used again as a representation for the Cleveland ball club. While I understand the reasoning behind it, I am not for it.Growing up in the suburbs of Cleveland in the early to mid- 1990’s, my family and I were die-hard Indians fans. My father split season ticket packages with his co-workers so we could see former players Manny Ramirez, Jim Thome, Kenny Lofton and others dominate the American League Central and all the while, the team sported the Chief Wahoo logo.In recent years, the Indians have noticeably started to phase out Chief Wahoo and incorporate a more conservative block-C on their uniforms. As recent as 2011, the Indians demoted Chief Wahoo from their away ball caps and introduced a red block-C on the traditional navy blue cap.Chief Wahoo still appears on the home ball caps and on the sleeve of the game jerseys. However, now even the batting helmets, which had never donned anything but Chief Wahoo, are beginning to be overrun by the rather bland block-C.The Indians are not the only professional sports organization under fire for their controversial Native American representation.The Washington Redskins of the NFL have also been heavily scrutinized for their portrayal of their nationally-known Redskin logo, which shows a more realistic (compared to the cartoonish Chief Wahoo) maroon-faced Native American with feathers running down the back of his head.While I am sure we can all understand the uncomfortable position the Indians organization must be dealing with, I have to think that ultimately the organization would not want to disappoint their fans.If that is the case, we can hope Chief Wahoo will hang around a little longer. read more

Womens Hockey Ohio State faces Bemidji State during senior weekend

Ohio State captain and senior Erin Langermeier (10) fights for the puck in the second series game against No. 7 Minnesota Duluth on Saturday, Nov. 17, 2018. Credit: Shanti Lerner | Lantern ReporterThe Bemidji State women’s hockey team will try and spoil Ohio State’s senior weekend with an attempt of a season sweep of the Buckeyes Friday and Saturday in Columbus.Meanwhile, No. 9 Ohio State (17-11, 11-9 WCHA) will strive to send its seniors out with a win and protect home ice for the last time in the 2018-19 regular season against Bemidji State (10-16-2, 7-9-2 WCHA), which has gone 10-7-1 since gaining its first two wins against the Buckeyes on Nov. 9-10.“Their goaltending has stepped it up big time,” Ohio State head coach Nadine Muzerall said. Bemidji State redshirt sophomore goalie Lauren Bench might have the second lowest save percentage in the WCHA at .914, but her 29 saves against No. 1 Wisconsin on Feb. 1 allowed the Beavers to prevail in a 2-1 upset win.The Buckeyes know the feeling all too well, for they came into Bemidji, Minnesota, ranked No. 4 before dropping their November road series against Bemidji State, which entered the series winless in its first 10 games.“There’s no reason other than the fact that we weren’t ready,” Muzerall said. “Whether it was we undervalued them because of their record or we just came out to play pond hockey.”Six different Beavers scored against Ohio State in the series, with strikes coming from each of Bemidji State’s top three goal-scorers: sophomore forwards Clair DeGeorge and Paige Beebe and junior forward Jacqueline Kaasa.Ohio State senior forward Erin Langermeier said the Beavers will not be facing the same Buckeye team that took those 2-1 and 4-2 losses.“I think we took them a little lightly,” Langermeier said. “You want to respect them and I think we lacked that a little bit. We’re going to want revenge so bad.”The Buckeyes are coming off a road sweep of St. Cloud State that saw 4-0 and 5-0 Ohio State victories to stop its five-game losing streak.Muzerall said the wins were imperative for getting the Buckeyes back in position to make a late postseason run, for they currently sit outside the top eight NCAA tournament qualifying slots.“It built confidence that we can score, it built confidence that we can play defense and those were the two areas we were struggling in,” Muzerall said. “I think that’s going to give us momentum.”Ohio State senior forward Madison Field said the wins allowed freshman goalie Andrea Braendli to get back in rhythm after the Swiss Olympian had taken the bench amid tumultuous goaltender play during the Buckeyes’ skid.“I think she was kind of getting in her head a little bit,” Field said. “I think she needed those two shutouts to get out of it. It was really big for her to get those shutouts and get back on her feet with some confidence.”Not only did the shutouts and 50 combined saves win Braendli renewed confidence, they also earned her NCAA No. 2 Star of the Week and WCHA Rookie of the Week honors.Bemidji State sophomore defenseman Tina Kampa won an award of her own this week when she was named WCHA Defenseman of the Week after blocking 13 shots in the win against Wisconsin. Kampa is third in the WCHA with 62 blocks this season.Despite Bemidji State’s 2-9-2 season road record, Muzerall said her players need to believe the Beavers are a team to contend with, or else they will face a second sweep to the second-lowest scoring team in the league.“They’re always unpredictable and undervalued,” Muzerall said. “That makes them a little dangerous.”Ohio State’s senior weekend series against the Beavers begins at 6:07 p.m. on Friday at the Ohio State Ice Rink and will continue at 3:07 p.m. on Saturday. read more

Trump warns Russia over Syria attack

first_imgUS President Donald Trump speaks during a meeting with senior military leaders at the White House in Washington, DC on Monday. Photo: AFPUS president Donald Trump said Wednesday that “missiles will be coming” in response to an alleged chemical attack in Syria, defying Russian warnings against a strike.Upping the stakes in an escalating confrontation with Moscow, Trump took to Twitter in the strongest assertion yet that he plans to take military action in Syria.”Russia vows to shoot down any and all missiles fired at Syria. Get ready Russia, because they will be coming, nice and new and ‘smart!’ You shouldn’t be partners with a Gas Killing Animal who kills his people and enjoys it!” Trump wrote.Trump and other Western leaders have vowed a quick and forceful response to Saturday’s alleged gas attack, which rescue workers say killed more than 40 people in the rebel-held Damascus suburb of Douma.Efforts to find a diplomatic solution at the UN Security Council on Tuesday failed, with Washington and Moscow opposing each other’s rival motions to set up an international investigation into chemical weapons use.Russia has meanwhile taken to stronger and stronger warnings.”We would hope that all sides will avoid steps that in reality are not provoked by anything and that could destabilise the already fragile situation in the region,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.”The situation is tense,” Peskov said, adding that Russia is calling for an “unprejudiced and objective investigation before making judgements” on the suspected use of chemical weapons.Air traffic control alertRussian foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova also insisted that “smart rockets should be aimed at terrorists, rather than the legitimate government” of Syria.Trump has said he plans to make the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad, and perhaps his Russian and Iranian backers, pay a “big” price for the latest alleged toxic gas atrocity in the war-wracked country.The United States, Britain and France have argued the incident bears all the hallmarks of a strike ordered by the regime, which has been blamed for previous attacks by the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).Both Trump and his defence secretary Jim Mattis abruptly cancelled upcoming travel plans Tuesday, as the USS Donald Cook — a guided-missile destroyer — moved to within striking range of Syria.The air traffic control agency Eurocontrol has also released an alert from the European Aviation Safety Agency to flight operators in nearby airspace of “the possible launch of air strikes into Syria with air-to-ground and/or cruise missiles within the next 72 hours.”French President Emmanuel Macron, who has been coordinating closely with Washington, said he would decide on a response “in the coming days.””Our decision will not target allies of the regime or attack anyone but rather attack the regime’s chemical capabilities,” he said, insisting he did “not want an escalation.”As it looked to head off the threat of Western strikes, Syria said it had invited the OPCW to visit the site of the alleged attack in Douma, a town in the Damascus suburb of Eastern Ghouta that is on the verge of falling to the regime after a long and bloody siege.WHO demands accessThe OPCW said it would “shortly” deploy a fact-finding team to Douma for an investigation, but US officials said they were working from their own information and would not necessarily hold back.The World Health Organization on Wednesday demanded “immediate” access to the victims of the alleged chemical attack.”We should all be outraged at these horrific reports and images from Douma,” said Peter Salama, the UN agency’s chief of emergency response.”WHO demands immediate unhindered access to the area to provide care to those affected, to assess the health impacts, and to deliver a comprehensive public health response,” he added.In 2017, Trump launched a cruise missile strike against a Syrian air base in retaliation for a sarin attack the UN later pinned on Assad.Syria’s government has denied accusations of using banned weapons such as chlorine or sarin throughout the country’s civil war.Douma has been heavily bombed by the regime and Russia making it extremely difficult for media, including AFP, to independently verify the claims.United Nations chief Antonio Guterres said Tuesday the OPCW should be granted unfettered access to investigate.The OPCW does not have a mandate to establish who is responsible for attacks, and the joint OPCW-UN taskforce that once did was shut down by Russia last year after it blamed the Syria regime.Damascus agreed to hand over its chemical arsenal in 2013, narrowly avoiding American and French air strikes in retaliation for a suspected sarin attack.That incident, which killed hundreds, also took place in Eastern Ghouta.last_img read more

TF1 has lost its case against Google which a Fren

first_imgTF1 has lost its case against Google, which a French court ruled was not responsible for ensuring material carried on its YouTube website was copyright cleared.It ruled that YouTube was a hosting platform for content and as such was not responsible for its editing and filtering. It added that YouTube had made the appropriate efforts to remove pirated content.
The French commercial broadcaster unsuccessfully sought damages of over €140 million. It was ordered to pay €80,000 of Google’s legal costs.TF1 said the ruling was surprising and it is considering an appeal.
The case has many similarities with those brought against YouTube in the US where Viacom is pursuing a claim. Google, meanwhile is appealing a recent German court order that certain filters be installed to make it harder to upload pirated content to YouTube.last_img read more

TSX Toronto Stock Exchange 1268513

first_img TSX (Toronto Stock Exchange) 12,685.13 12,268.29 11, 665.70 Silver 19.53 21.62 27.22 Gold Producers (GDX) 25.86 26.51 41.59 Dear Reader, We’ve spent a lot of time in recent editions making the case for why gold will rebound and what great deals there are out there. We’ve frequently said that this gold bull cycle will end in a Mania Phase for the record books, and that this lies yet ahead. Doug Casey often says that when the larger world of investors really wakes up to the need to own gold and the potential for spectacular profits in gold stocks, the resulting flood of money will exert a pressure like trying to fit the contents of the Hoover Dam through a garden hose. Jolly good, but highly poetic. What do the numbers say? Andrey Dashkov takes a look at the relevant facts in his article below. As a quick—but not irrelevant—aside, it frankly blows my mind how much value investors give the financial sector. Never mind for now its essential Ponzi-scheme, fractional-reserve, and hallucinated derivative nature: just how can it be that the industry of people moving bits of imaginary paper around is worth so much more than any industry of people actually creating goods and services of tangible value? There’s something wrong with this picture. When the world figures it out, everything will change—and we’ll be very glad to be owners of the only financial asset that is not simultaneously someone else’s liability: gold. Sincerely, One Year Ago Rock & Stock Stats Last Louis James Senior Metals Investment Strategist Casey Research P.S. I have another Casey Phyle announcement to make. A Phyle is forming in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Anyone in the area who’s interested in meeting up with other like-minded individuals to discuss whatever is on your minds, please send an email to TSX Venture 920.39 924.25 1,190.87center_img Oil 108.11 84.42 92.97 Silver Stocks (SIL) 12.65 12.77 17.86 One Month Ago Gold 1,296.70 1,374.00 1,580.40 Copper 3.14 3.21 3.53 Gold Junior Stocks (GDXJ) 39.28 41.32 75.24last_img read more

All were extremely driven and refused to believe a

first_imgAll were extremely driven and refused to believe anything impossible He was also instrumental in the successes of Cuadrilla and Africa Oil, two of the largest success stories in the energy sector over the last five years. Both are now billion-dollar companies.Why are we looking for Marin’s next protégé? Marin operates in Vancouver with a very small team of incredibly talented analysts. We need another pair of hands to fill an important new role. We’re looking for a highly motivated and talented writer to lighten Marin’s load, so he can continue to find more deals for our subscribers.What are we looking for? The main requirements for this position are a natural writing talent, outstanding work ethic, and an ability to learn quickly. In fact, these qualities are more important to us than prior experience. And just to warn you: Marin works insane hours and at a pace most of us can only dream of attaining.Let me go back to my introduction. As someone who knows and admires Marin, I believe that this is a unique opportunity for someone who wants to excel and learn from the best. Someone who aspires to reap the financial rewards that will inevitably result from being associated with an emerging industry titan.If you know any talented writers with high aspirations and the drive to excel, Marin and I would like to know them, too. They should send us what they feel will make us want to meet them: a letter, résumé, and any articles or stories that showcase the writer’s talents. The address someone you know will get the chance to learn from one of the best young titans I know—to have a mentor whom I would choose for one of my own children. I truly believe that if he or she can keep up with Marin, the lucky person we select will have one of the brightest futures imaginable.With that, I’d like to thank you for being a Casey Research subscriber.Sincerely,Olivier Garret, CEOCasey Research All worked harder than those around them All knew, in spite of their talents, to surround themselves with loyal people possessing the skills they themselves lacked; andcenter_img Dear Reader,Olivier Garret here. Today I’m stepping in for Marin to write an article he would never write himself—and you’ll soon understand why.During the course of my career, I’ve met and worked with many exceptionally successful business people and entrepreneurs—even a few billionaires. Over the years, I’ve noticed certain traits these people shared:All were exceptionally bright and talented All worked with a great mentor early in their career.This last point is really the purpose of my letter today, as I’m about to offer a talented individual the opportunity to work side-by-side with exactly the kind of leader I have described. In fact, if my own children were contemplating business careers, I would actively encourage them to pursue this opportunity. Here’s why:Imagine starting your own career 25 years ago side-by-side with Frank Giustra, Robert Friedland, or Rick Rule—or 40 years ago with Warren Buffett! It would have certainly been the most rewarding first job one could envision. Being in a room with one of those emerging titans, involved in their negotiations and business deals on a daily basis. Sharing in the thrill of their successes and learning from their failures—learning that when faced with setbacks, the only way to win is to get back up and try again.Of course, it takes a unique person to drive in the fast lane with one of these superstars. They have zero patience for mediocrity or excuses. But while they may be impatient—even downright difficult at times—they’re also loyal to those who live up to their expectations. For the right person, they will provide the keys to an amazing career.Why am I telling you this now? Because we’re currently searching for someone to work with one of our superstars—Marin Katusa.Marin is one of those exceptional individuals I describe above. Almost eight years ago, he came to Casey Research with a proposition. He wanted to work with us, and he proposed doing so for free. He didn’t want any compensation until he created real value for our company.It’s hard to ignore a pitch like that. And create value he did! Within a year, Marin was heading our energy division and shortly after was managing our first private fund. Since then we’ve launched three other funds in partnership with Marin, all of which have defied gravity in a challenging resource market.Over the last seven years, Marin’s brilliance and hard work have earned him a well-deserved reputation in our sector, granting him access to the best deals and people in the business. No, he isn’t a billionaire… yet. But I have no doubt he’ll get there.Marin has faced a few setbacks, but he always recovers and learns from the experience. Like everyone, he’s made a few bad calls. But unlike most, he can be credited with many exceptionally good calls:As director of Copper Mountain, Marin helped build the third-largest copper mine in Canada; going from an idea to a producing mine in less than five years.last_img read more