The stock market crash, stock shares to the owners waved away from business

sina is also the focus of the news today: the Shanghai and Shenzhen two city 1000 stocks limit stock index fell 7.22%, many webmaster, webmaster group calls for a lot of owners in the first 2 years, accumulated a lot of money into the stock market surge. Or sad or hi 2007 stock market.

the same a faint news, we may not pay attention to, 2008 shares will be some of the new owners dream, this is not a dream. As a new force of the Internet grassroots website can be through the integration of resources through cooperation, joint, to build a grassroots venture capital  ?.

is currently small website 150, many websites have huge user groups, and business prospects, some websites are for investment and financing under the premise of gradually thinking business unit planning. The NSDQ bridge thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers far away from us. After the launch of 08 shares of the venture, will meet the dream of more smes.

the purpose of this article is to stimulate more entrepreneurial dream. Leave the stock market, do not become shareholders, feel at ease to do stand, expect to interpret your venture shares.

Shang Fulin, chairman of the

Commission on January 16th at the national securities and futures regulatory work conference, said in the first half of this year to launch the gem market. This is the first time the regulators Clear Gem launch schedule.


reporter was informed that the sponsor system of gem issuance has basically set the tone. Domestic investment banking sector is looking forward to the reform of the sponsor system, is expected to launch the gem and break the ice.

is reported that the Commission is on the securities issuance and listing sponsor system Interim Measures (hereinafter referred to as Interim Measures) to be amended, the revised version will be included in the gem. At the same time, the Commission will consider the gem operation system, the release of the sponsor signing the number. In addition, the motherboard issued by the use of profit indicators in the gem will change. Supervision of the sponsor of the GEM companies will be extended to three years.

ten year plan

this is the gem after nearly ten years of planning, the first time to determine the launch schedule.

in early 1999, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange started to build the gem, after 2000 and even stopped the project IPO motherboard. However, the gem has not yet launched. Until May 17, 2004, the Shenzhen SME board is a matter of expediency, but it comes out there unknown location problems. Small and medium enterprise board IPO and motherboard, only differ in the size of equity — IPO in the number of issued shares of 100 million shares of the following companies (except financial industry) on the SME board, more than 100 million shares of large enterprises listed on the main board.

because the enterprise landing small plates market there are still several consecutive years of earnings and the requirements of a certain size, and therefore can not meet the domestic business types of small business financing through the capital market demand, and the current shortage of small cap stocks, small board listed on the new.


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