Tencent issued a letter to the user second unbearable pain behind

November 4th Admin5 stationmaster net news: following last night, Tencent released a letter addressed to the general user statement: stop running QQ software on a computer with 360 software, today morning Tencent once again issued a second letter caused by users behind the unbearable pain. The two sides war continues to heat up.

reads as follows:

dear QQ user:

this is a sleepless night. It is the most painful and saddest time of the Tencent. As we know, after making the tough decisions, will face some users surprised and puzzled, blame, even deviate from the scolding. We also know that even if you have to make a choice, will still be in doubt: the Tencent’s reaction, why in such an intense way of

?In this

, please listen to our sincere apology again, all may give you trouble and worry, such a predicament, we also unbearable. We clearly remember to allow users to have a serious commitment to security and stability services, but also remember 12 years of hard work for the progress of the product of the day and night. Now, we would rather bear the possible reasons to express the infamy, in such a drastic way, because any persuasion, public opinion, the voice of justice cannot contain 360 immoral theft and sabotage, because we have no retreat, so that no let, behind us, is a bottomless cliff!

is because we see 360 unscrupulous behavior peer bullying has intensified, the two companies had not grudges, need to have major issues issues of right and wrong judgment, need to attract attention and even government regulators in the whole industry, to return to the development of the Internet as bright as sun and moon, the right way first user interests. Otherwise, will only make the whole industry into a vicious competition, and ultimately damaged you, he is love us, use our product users, is in the vigorous rise, seek the healthy development of the Internet industry.

and everything has its origin.

Two years before

360 security guards were Tencent Inc respect products, only 200 million years of accumulation in the user’s computer, thus forming a huge "cloud killing" network. This "cloud killing" mode of instruction from the server, 360 security software on the remote computer, installed in 200 million. This is even Microsoft, Google and other Internet giants do not have the super ability.

in fact, when the 360 security guards the first founder in 2008 after the departure of the 360 began to move toward the other extreme: use this remote control way, any software damage to all competitors! Their names including Kingsoft, rising, cattle, travel, Baidu, Alibaba, Kabasiji and tencent. In the past few years, these companies have been 360 to court.

you can naturally ask a series of evil so many companies angered, why can without fear, why can be happy "


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