mportant to learn from the dry cargo nunnery in the story

home network suddenly broke down, there will be a network, not for a while, had no choice but to teach people to repair. Others to repair, and I can not access the Internet, it can only take the phone to browse the web to see. This is a real harvest!

today, I will give you about important to learn from the dry cargo "nunnery" in the story of


first I will see the story to give you a copy:


"the Qing Dynasty, Jiangsu Dantu area often held the temple. Every temple, here are a boat on the river in a continuous line, also increased a lot. One day, a beautiful woman by boat to go to the fair. When the boat reached the shore, beautiful can not square thing she naturally attracted many people’s eyes.


Fu is very reserved, paid the ship, hurried up landing, accidentally, one foot in the mud. Belle suddenly embarrassed the shy face, looked up and found a nunnery nearby, so in the next line under the watchful eyes of the people into the temple, disappeared from sight.

people are still staring at the nunnery in the direction of our concerns, seems to have not seen enough. The skipper yelled: "Oh, this woman to fare one hundred, the capital is Hades!" when they see, right enough, everyone was shocked, then hurried to the nunnery and the woman with her theory. Just watch, also fear behind.

who knows, in a nunnery, searched all over the place, but also how to find the woman just now. They all felt very strange, was an examination in the nun, captain suddenly saw a foot in the temple of Avalokitesvara stained with mud, the crowd: "no wonder this woman be frightened and change color just kept."

beauty woman boat is Guanyin appeared more than surprised! "The boatman, bow down before, will be paid by the Ming capital Fu burning in the furnace. Other people are the chorus chanting Buddha, pray for Avalokiteshvara bless.


a twenty chuan-100 spread like wildfire. So, the original bad nunnery changed the old, giving a lot of incense Madadayo, The stream never stops flowing. donor.

after ten years, the story of the secrets leaked: originally the skipper and the beautiful woman, is an in nun’s care. Beautiful woman into the temple, immediately moved to the foot of mud Guanyin feet, then uninstall change capacity, hiding."

after reading this story, what we like


I look at the web site, said the story is a story in the university to study the use of advertising marketing case. But this is not important.

say, I can learn important dry cargo from the story of the


1: two levels of marketing

entity compared to the potential of the Internet where?



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