Alternative Adsense alternative promotion method of learning or despise

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from the first day of the Internet it is only 3 years time, the site is at the end of last year. The real roots of a real, ha ha, earlier this year, because of the promotion of the website I also added a lot of professional QQ group, most of them are exchange site promotion ah, do the connection ah, we are very familiar with, is also very common. But a few days ago, because of my curiosity, and add a group of "kite technical exchange group, which had to let me be startled at. Their bold conception, and bold, said will do the passion effort, from the production site – – promotion make money. At one time, really make me terrified, or my experience is not enough, as the news, since I will disclose now they are the operation of the " project; ".

is generally a novice webmaster, or do not want to change business station keeping guard. When the security of my friend, this analogy might be more appropriate. Some preliminary work, buy space, corn production site, to search engine submission site. That site, as it is a combination of N pages, each page keywords are not the same, even if the site is well here, like this website   website; do the traffic flow should be. How to do? Let me speak slowly, since it is not to maintain the site. When the security guard when diverted, and this is a novice, I don’t no more. How to make the flow ah, brush it, ha ha, yes, there are a lot of brush, brush brush site traffic website ranking, Baidu search to a lot more practical. There are good IP] free online brush IP The brush site traffic in the end there is no use, has become a hot topic of the moment, in the global has half a head, the webmaster seems to be saying, flow is money, so the quality of the site, how long the life of the website, they only ask you now website flow how many, how many station on the IP how many, how much traffic can be ranked. The brush site for an unprecedented high popularity of the website in a certain sense, but improve the site’s traffic in the traffic statistics program, so as to achieve a certain purpose, such as to improve website popularity, the rapid increase in Alexa ranking, improve the search volume and so on, especially for novice users, improve website popularity has been a lot of webmaster friends wish, but by ordinary methods it is difficult to achieve, there is another matter. Thus, when the flow has become the focus of attention of many people, brush Traffic / brush popular blog will inevitably become very popular, and who now know some famous portal sites, then there is not some offbeat means traffic to make up

what they want is on the brush site traffic to get rapid promotion website ranking this effect. When you think " can; " time. Then make a look more professional website to sell the connection, so as to achieve the purpose of advertising, to

from a sense of the clock, occasionally to brush the site >


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