Second letters to the nternet gangster marketing to the public relations and the media behind the m

dear gangster:

with marketing in this era of Xi couple, your government relations don’t act


engage in more construction in other fun behind the reporter resources, you still stay in the press time, such a waste of resources, big brother you know


with the power of government PR

these years, the government public relations is this: responsible for establishing good relations with government departments, the public relations behavior to gain policy advantage, analysis of relevant government policies, puts forward some suggestions for the development of the company, · · government crisis management; · · · ·

company understands the power of public relations of government, so the establishment of the Department of public relations of the government, and small companies are not aware of the importance of government public relations, or to find the right person or because of various reasons please don’t get fun of government public relations personnel, government departments will not be the root of public relations.

even so, in large companies, government public relations and marketing department is an independent department, each busy, can the internal cooperation, the government public relations to the extreme? Answer: NO!

in this era, the marketing department to relationship between the government and the public relations department acquainted, colleagues for government relations of national policy, government leaders understand the trend, perhaps learning greatly next month to study the national high-tech industry, a secretary of the provincial Party committee to research the domestic mobile phone market, the Ministry will soon have what wind sways grass · · ·; if at this time, a government relations with you in advance to disclose information, to give you the leadership lead door, the market to engage in implantation, whether the company brand or a product promotion, justifies lead sensation, even do not lead to the attention of


learning big light Lin Qingfeng buns, mother of the country to send over 100 birds gazelle, who do not know? The Internet giant also use the leadership of the government, Liu Chuanzhi Robin Li, Wang Lei do explain to the Jingdong for the Xi Jinping survey and so on. Even the mother of the country was photographed using Apple’s mobile phone, so that Apple took advantage of a sensational effect, you learn it?

The celebrity effect of

is the best use of newspapers and magazines. Big newspapers and journals, which is not the original header masthead inscriptions leaders? Mao Zedong inscription "people’s Daily", Deng Xiaoping "Economic Reference News" and so on. The tabloid magazine in order to improve their visibility, only government related conferences, will deliberately put in front of the leading magazine, please see leadership magazine, then take a certain leadership magazine photo shows the magazine has also been great leadership attention. They will publicize each of the newspapers and magazines will be sent to the sea or in part to the leadership.

if, a gangster home phone, a software inadvertently let a leader on the use of a small show off · &mi>


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