How WeChat powder 50 thousand Speaking from the occasional WeChat push

information explosion is a good thing, but the explosion of things a landing, it is all rubbish. New media marketing is popular, now this time, if you have a WeChat operating public number, all feel shy and greet people, every open mobile phone, just casually browsing can see 35 things can change the world.


[from the roadside encounter WeChat push member talk about]

said that one day I was joy in a coffee shop to enjoy the cool, suddenly felt a cool breeze from the back of the head 45 degrees of approximation, I turned one, a middle-aged woman said, brother to help sweep the code, can receive 5 yuan a red envelope, in the beginning I was rejected, but I want to have a public number so, let them go to inquire about how to push the cost, so I a foxy smile and said, "good!", sweep the two-dimensional code, I will ask, say that you and a how much money? There is no starting price? You are a team or a person? I want to push one thousand

how much money?

sister said you this is too little, at least tens of thousands of people, you are the less a person I do, don’t find someone else, 2 dollars a, I can sweep the one hundred day, and your attention today, if you don’t love a few days to delete on.

does not have the accident, I was naked contempt, but from another point of view can reflect, now in the era of new media enterprises in order to not be left behind, is really under the original capital, but as ordinary start-up companies more popular, how to be able to increase their attention? I’m afraid each CEO night nightmare.



said that since the powder method, I recommend a few, but there are still difficult to escape from the classic iron "80%’s love is a lie from the beginning!"

1 two-dimensional code posted around the world

your name card, your flyers, your website, your image, your video, even your face and the three hundred Spartans on the chest, you can see the place full of two-dimensional code on, have another friend said that to promote the two-dimensional code, set hundreds of 3M masks, the two-dimensional code printed on the mask, do not know whether feasible? I said, if you take the subway, a man pulled out a mobile phone to scan your face, you are what kind of experience? Is unforgettable!

in the two-dimensional code it just appeared may be fresh, but when you look at nearly 100 dimensional code of the day, and is not the small advertisement has the different approaches but equally satisfactory results.

2 scan code machine

great China people invented a variety of machines, such as scan code to give you a cup of coffee, and a code to give you a 3D print of small things, sweeping code to you smoke a prize, and so on, every I forget all about these, on the streets of Zhongguancun, many companies doing activities, next to a small restaurant waiter.


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