Share the Qashqai for $70 million E round of investment WeChat nail under threat to development

July 20th morning news, Sina today was informed that the mobile SaaS project has recently completed the Qashqai share a new round of financing, share the Qashqai CEO Luo Xu to Sina said: this round of financing totaling $70 million, led Party voted for the CITIC Industrial Fund, with the cast party Shihua joint investment in Changxin.


previously, there are rumors that the outside world, this round of financing will be sharing the Qashqai IPO before the last round of financing. But Luo Xu does not think so, he told sina science and technology: business services are relatively different areas, but also can not determine whether it is the last round of IPO."

actually, it is sharing the Qashqai since the start of the fifth round of financing, E round.

share Qashqai was founded in 2012, the main sales of mobile CRM solutions, founded by IDG millions of dollars in capital investment; investment in July 2014 was $10 million, and the investment of the aurora IDG; December 2014 by DCM, northern light and IDG capital invested $50 million; in July 2015 by the IDG capital, Aurora Borealis and DCM1 billion investment.

share Qashqai official said that this round of financing is completed, will enable users to further expand from small and medium sized enterprises "to" enterprise ", and constantly improve the product.

but from the current market share, Qashqai this round of financing is more ready for the "winter". At present, in addition to the capital market by the exit mechanism, began to show signs of weakness in the field of mobile SaaS, Ali, WeChat nail enterprise, began to enter the market with big attitude, to share the Qashqai, giant under development, has had to consider the issue.


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