Word of mouth marketing is marketing

first I want to review their own past due to some problem I neglect, and there is no clear concept of word-of-mouth and word-of-mouth marketing division is very clear, in the blog of some off the reputation of the event expression is ambiguous. Because the Facebook Ads recent media comments, the concept of reputation is presented in a variety of occasions, most of the time, for the reputation of the understanding is still relatively confused, including many insiders on word-of-mouth or word-of-mouth marketing or understand each have their own views, but from a marketing perspective and many are misleading.

I have recently been thinking about the word of mouth, but also have their own understanding, as follows:

1 word of mouth and word of mouth marketing understanding

mouth is a process, only can be guided, but may not be controllable, because it is by the user in advance; word-of-mouth marketing is the marketing category, purpose, theme, market analysis, marketing channels, executive program and budget, the marketing process as no less.

2 is a carefully orchestrated word-of-mouth marketing planning

this is not absolute, many products or companies rely on the power of the brand to achieve word of mouth, which is the scope of brand marketing. As for the word of mouth marketing is concerned, and the emerging companies want to send low-cost, high proliferation of the virus, the rapid way to win the market. As for Google, Apple this company, if someone to them as an example of word of mouth, I think it is empty. From a marketing perspective, many traditional enterprises behind the master, they have done a lot and we are said to have returned to the Internet, word of mouth, is truth is not the same? Different channels, different strategies, but the idea is the same.

my point of view: word of mouth can be sold out.

3 spread by the user, marketing on their own, the details determine success or failure

word of mouth marketing difficulty is definitely higher than most of the marketing model, because it involves too many subtle links. Word of mouth marketing is:

· careful planning of the word of mouth;

· opinion leader influence assessment;

· evaluation of transmission vectors;

· dissemination of opinion leaders and key node factors;

· tracking word-of-mouth communication path, guidance and control.

4 I understand the word of mouth marketing processes and labeling

(word of mouth to create elaborate topic is no longer the key node (ads) – word-of-mouth dissemination pathway: opinionleaders) – influence propagation (not drain away details) – mouth flow control (guidance, interaction and management)

case brief


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