Millet 4 why not continue to play hunger marketing

a few days ago, millet 4 in the official release, compared with the previous version of the millet phone, millet phone is still the pursuit of cost-effective, as millet slogan for fever and health. Millet 4 in terms of hardware and enhance the product level, and the most let us feel that the accident is that millet does not need to make a reservation online, you can purchase a single phone directly under the. In other words, millet no longer continue to play hunger marketing, has always been the main marketing millet hunger marketing, and now why would adjust marketing ideas, Xiaobian summary for the following three reasons:

first point: millet production capacity and brand has formed

millet just a few years ago to do mobile phone products, it is certain that, at that time there is no millet brand value to speak of, and millet phone capacity is not enough market demand. So millet began to play hunger marketing, like millet friends have such a feeling, it is difficult to buy millet phone on the official website. In fact, many rice are through the cattle to buy the new millet phone, millet is now not the new mobile phone brand. Millet has a large number of very loyal rice, millet brand has started.

second points: millet hunger marketing has slightly outdated

millet phone has now come to the fourth paragraph, hunger marketing is to play to the extreme millet, millet success so many mobile phone business to emulate and learn. Ordinary users are gradually familiar with this marketing approach, a long time, this hunger marketing is a bit outdated. The main drawback is that users can not buy the product, if you want to buy millet phone, it will make people feel very depressed. Hunger marketing is to seize the consumer psychology, to dilute the material, and then do not buy it.

third points: millet phone gradually fade out of the market

intelligent machine market is very complex, many brands, especially low-end smart machine market, the extent of its accumulation of competition can be imagined. Millet phone before, it seems that there is nothing on the market price of low-end intelligent machines, but now is different, HUAWEI, ZTE and other low-end smart machine brand began to rise rapidly. Millet advantage has been completely copied or imitated by other mobile phone brands, the pursuit of cost-effective, so more and more competitors millet. And these brands flagship big screen smart phones, of course, is entirely in order to meet the needs of the market, large screen mobile phone users get more recognition.

any one mobile phone brand, if you can not continue to improve the quality and functionality of the product, then the market will be eliminated sooner or later, millet phone will naturally no exception. In the era of big screen smart machine, millet must also launch the corresponding large screen smart machine, so as to continue to seize the smart machine market. And millet route is not necessarily suitable for other intelligent machine brand, must make their own product features.

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