[li] brand packaging beast you put users with no cry

planning a brand strategy, what is the purpose of


‘s most frequent answer is:

to move our users;

to make our brand more temperature;

to allow users and brands to establish a deeper emotional ties.

but this is actually "image packaging" rather than "brand strategy"".

because the essence of brand strategy, not to enhance the image, moving the user, but in the minds of users, to determine the favorable position for competitors."

Li today this article, talk about the difference between image packaging and brand strategy.

why use the "brand strategy", rather than simply brand packaging?

the first example of a real project encountered with lee.

has a fresh seafood cooked supper takeaway startups, if you want to plan brand strategy, how would you do?

if it is image packaging, the general idea is like this:

1, determine the crowd

who is most likely to eat this seafood Oh, the price of 30-50 yuan, the main fresh, convenient, healthy, delicious.

so the main crowd as a healthy and busy first tier cities in the new middle-class white-collar."

2, how to move these people?

well, since the crowd is set, we are looking for "consumer insight" (consumer insight), to see if they can take advantage of some of the details of their lives, to impress them.

"the new middle-class life was wonderful, but great work pressure, fast-paced, friends and family are relatively small, so we hope they care more about their own lives, care more about the people they love."

so put slogan into: more care, more seafood.

if there is no end to this sentence, then in accordance with the common practice of advertising proposals, like 2 points as an alternative to it: "fresh, so that life is more flavor," or "love life, love seafood", "60"".

3, how to build a brand system according to the strategy?

since there is a little more concern, more seafood, this sentence slogan, then you can develop the so-called brand system –

"brand concept: the freshest ingredients to give you the most care about life."

"brand Tonality: caring, energetic, warm, healthy."

"company mission: to make people more concerned about life, eat more fresh seafood."

"corporate values: customer first, the pursuit of the ultimate, different, conscience management." >


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