Discussion on the key factors of the success of the footwear industry

recent years with B2B, B2C, C2C site fire exposure, not only do B2B, B2C, C2C website of many enterprises, individuals in these stations, hope he is the next day or the next Taobao Alibaba. Alibaba, Taobao cited the success of 300 million Internet users, are studying their success model, of course, I am no exception.

is currently in the domestic clothing, shoes, the most open shop, and today we will analyze the operation mode of clothing and shoes B2C.

B2C website success mainly through two aspects, one is the website function is convenient and practical, can allow customers to understand the product can rest assured purchase orders; the other is the website of commodity prices and money are unique, let others choose only you is the most affordable.

fitting network was the first to propose the web 3D fitting website, convenient for buyers of clothing collocation, the size of the purchase, greatly improves the user convenience. But because the network promotion pale, make the website function advantage not fully reflected. No trial function fitting VANCL network, but also in planning the development of listening. But we through their own webmaster alliance and join the existing built most of the CPS advertising alliance, of course, carry out website promotion in online advertising, email and a series of publicity means of publicity, the final success.

analysis of above two sites in fact we are very aware of their business model, know network publicity is the key to the success of the site, but you have not thought about if the fitting network will also spend a lot of money to publicity, will not get good grades?! from their website you can obviously see the web site different discount information, a whole page ZhengZhan; a focus on user experience. Low price goods is an important factor to attract online shoppers single transaction, whether it is Taobao or mall which is the highest price of the volume of goods.

also now appears on the network a large number of footwear B2C mall, also want to have a guest like propaganda way to open up the market. But they ignore the price factor. Although some of the business into the banner of authentic shoes, the price can not be pulled down by a large number of online brands to help those who sell. In fact, the real success of the mall on the basis of ensuring the quality of the goods, to give up the well-known brands to carry out full merchandise discounts, good customer service, and ultimately the development of the mall and the creation of commodity brands. The international footwear industry network is now beginning to seize the mall, the product quality assurance, low price online shopping, good service, brand creation, the mall trend of a period of shoes wholesale discount. If you note that the friends of the footwear can be found, although the international footwear industry is not so well-known Ali, but they firmly grasp the quality of the shoes to introduce the shoe manufacturers to develop the second tier brand wholesale. The most important thing is that they are cheap to attract high-quality buyers to join the shoes, while engaging in activities from time to time to carry out activities, such as in June and launched a fire day summer, the purchase of cool e summer >


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