Circle of friends to return to rational social, content marketing


in Tencent R & D WeChat in the beginning did not think that micro circle of friends by taking social chaos destroyed, many people have tired of excessive marketing overwhelming and once close friends. But with the temperature derivative, regulatory measures have been introduced, the fate of the circle of friends began to counterattack, gradually return to rational social content, has overcome marketing.

"three product" out of

October 1st, the newly revised food safety law will be fully implemented. The provisions of the network of food production operators must be licensed (excluding agricultural products), and has the responsibility of audit platform operators license.

WeChat as a major position in the sale of food, it must be strictly enforced in accordance with the requirements of the new food safety law. This means that WeChat public numbers and personal accounts will face regulatory, especially public numbers must provide the full name of the enterprise platform, business registration number and other information, in order to carry out food sales.

can be sure, after the national day, the circle of friends handmade handmade baked goods, a variety of food purchasing, homemade fast food takeaway will disappear a large number of.

as a new "food safety law" is not enough supervision of micro business, but the "three product" the first out already convey an important signal: not everyone can do micro business, derivative threshold will gradually increase, micro business will become more and more formal.

Tencent since the Qing portal

in February this year, WeChat officially released a report on the rectification of illegal distribution mode behavior announcement, clear derivative with MLM properties: for users to carry out the development of the use of WeChat chain in the public account offline distribution behavior, WeChat official as with fraud and other illegal properties. Once found, the permanent title.

followed in March, 93 public and 233 individual account was banned. At the beginning of July, and a large number of individual account has been closed, "some customers have not hit the account was closed, self cleaning rhythm in the continued spread of WeChat circle of friends.

WeChat in the mobile era is almost all of the Tencent to carry out the commercialization of all the ideas, early tolerance to a certain extent, WeChat is also a commercial test. Commercial test the water right, unfortunately, WeChat social property ecology has been seriously damaged.

now, WeChat’s move from the Qing portal, the purpose is to make the business of Commerce, so that social networking. Only commercial and social boundaries, the strategic layout of WeChat commercial will not fall.

big name to enter the micro business

at present, micro business into the brand stage, many big name began to enter the micro business. Not only Procter & Gamble, Han beam, Po Laiya, 100 birds gazelle, Han, Ka Mei fun and Arche, OSM, DANZ and other brands, as well as the United States, Haier and other traditional home appliance manufacturers, even the electricity supplier has been cautious about the "direct originator" Amway also announced in the circle of friends. >


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