Do you know that a traditional enterprise has a few legs

people say a leg to jump, two legs run away, the three legs run away, the four legs steadily. Five legs, how to go! Oh, do not overdo sth. only to a certain degree, it is good, too far. So do the traditional business electricity supplier. You can not only see the one or two legs, they think they do in the real business, in the electronic commerce did not really understand the well-being of death cases, and turned back, electricity providers do not consider themselves in business at full speed the development of the environment is not desirable. Then look at the electricity supplier four legs which are the legs of the?

first leg, platform providers settled. Tmall, Taobao, Ali, Jingdong, where customers, shop No. 1, Dangdang, amazon…… These platforms have make a great noise, on the platform of the flow of resources has so many businesses envious, how to use these resources to bring their own things, brand, is the enterprise of electric shock initiative. But these platforms similar businesses after all too much, the fierce competition and cruel really is too horrible to look at.

second legs, independent electricity supplier to build. In the platform, businesses will always receive constraints such as various rules, train, pit fee money burning rustled, short time to burn most of the enterprises have to bear, but long time consumption, even if jinshanyinshan may not support, so enterprises must build their own the electronic business platform, in this platform, what are controlled by their own rules, set their own products, free push, I can do whatever I want. However, this platform requires companies to spend dim sum ideas drainage here.

third legs, mobile electricity supplier migration. We all know that the number of mobile Internet users surge, so far, China has almost 460 million of mobile Internet users. PC side of the electricity supplier can only cover some of the crowd, mobile providers are to make up for the PC side of the time, geographical restrictions, you can cover more spending on time debris.

fourth legs, multimedia electricity supplier coverage. Integrated video streaming, 3D imaging technology, enhance the visual effect of multimedia products and services business ideas, can provide additional support for the shock of the traditional strategy in business technology, multimedia is becoming the latest trend in electronic commerce. According to JupiterCommunications estimates, 90% of online customers need some form of interactive services. Companies generally want to keep in touch with their customers in the absence of competitors.

now, enterprise business can be as long as one of the legs can walk, but to considerable development, certainly need to complete four legs one by one. Housekeeper e-businessapplication (366EC) head according to their years of experience in the electricity supplier, the traditional enterprise electric shock pattern of electricity providers, electricity providers, full stereo wide electricity business ideas put forward, to provide comprehensive guidance for the traditional enterprise business. The future of our country’s enterprises to make steady progress in the electronic business platform, to catch up with the pace of overseas, the electricity supplier must speak from the perspective of four legs ready, are you ready?


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