.mobi domain name registration analysts questioned the effectiveness of mobile networks

Industry analysts believe that only register enthusiastically, the new.Mobi mobile domain is not the key to the development of mobile networks.

26 open registration top-level domain ".Mobi" to help people find the mobile website, and improve the display in handheld devices on the small screen. But experts said that this program can not solve the problem of excessive gap between the PC and the phone network experience.

but the registration unit is positive. Fasthosts representative 27, said:.Mobi is our most popular domain name since Landrush, easily beyond.Co.uk,.Com and.Net, etc.." The representative said that most of the first registration is mobile and telecommunications companies and brands, he said: "the name of the protection is indeed very large, but there are a lot of professional mobile web applications."

another registered unit Hostway NeilBarton declared: "pre registration before the end of the one or two days of formal and open registration, the number of.Mobi increased significantly."


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