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as Taobao’s most famous group purchase platform, 2011 Juhuasuan broke, and then after a corruption door, re introduction of Juhuasuan group purchase service auction rules (commonly known as the "pit fee") issued has hit many small businesses.

According to the official website of Juhuasuan

, the auction time is 10:00-11:00 every morning, the auction starting price of 1000 yuan, a single increase to 100 yuan, and the integer times, in the Juhuasuan auction seller before the auction on the Alipay account in 1000 yuan deposit freeze. The seemingly gate low bidding rules, after a round of frenzied bidding from tens of thousands of businesses, soared to hundreds of thousands, plus Juhuasuan to charge 1% to 3% of the Commission, small businesses complain incessantly.

, a lot of small sellers on the Juhuasuan, but sold dozens of sets, a few hundred sets of a lot, pay pit fees are not enough." Shanghai rose shop personal care products Co. Ltd. Wang Wenbin on the "investor" reporter said, "Juhuasuan traffic is large, but fractionize is very fierce, assigned to each pit flow is limited, then Juhuasuan consumer population itself is sensitive to the price, if the price than usual to buy no advantage, consumers are not the bill."

public data show that in 2012 Juhuasuan annual turnover of 20 billion 750 million, was 2.03 times in 2011, but spread to all participating sellers are not very optimistic, coupled with rising high pit prices are also affecting a single product promotion effect. June 2012, Juhuasuan on the line of the brand, local life, the average sales of each brand group of about 2 million / year, up to 7 million (3 days), but the brand sales accounted for the entire Juhuasuan’s $30%.

and with the seller’s profits continue to squeeze Juhuasuan platform, Juhuasuan has long been reduced to a poor quality product distribution center. According to the nearly 500 sellers I know, in order to maintain profits, is the basic one in the compression cost, material. Do jewelry, the basic is to get good quality inspection, and then use the bad material to produce, Juhuasuan is basically a problem product." Yiwu city flower extension e-commerce director Han trade limited company of "investor" reporters.


special clearance

now Juhuasuan my understanding is clear inventory will go on. Otherwise, some businesses so high, will be willing to go out, and who can not know whether the sales can be guaranteed." Shanghai Jane love home appliances Co., Ltd. e-commerce operations manager Chen Ming Dayton on the investor news reporter lamented.

in the first half of 2012, Juhuasuan began to become free from the original model auction pit. As long as we can cooperate with the waiter before carry out group purchase, which leads to a certain extent the internal corruption, with Alibaba anti-corruption, Juhuasuan to change the rules of the game.


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