The process from personal webmaster to Corporation

      look at the whole of China’s Web site, the number of large, the industry is also the United States can not sigh. In July 1985, when I graduated from college, I swear I would have to rely on computers to eat. At that time, I would love me every day in 286, with 286 to build a simple communication system and M6800 communication with the Samsung Corp of mechanical equipment, it can realize the industrial automatic control. At that time, the sense of accomplishment is nothing to say! In order to better realize my wish, in 1996, I had the opportunity to find a job in Silicon Valley. I was there mainly in the electrical control system of the automotive system, but when I used the American company’s online library to search for information, my heart is very calm, and why? Because I really experienced the powerful network, so a desire to rise from my heart, I want to go home, go back to do their own network company.

          so, I am in the rest of the work, to investigate the development of China’s domestic network. The findings surprised me. What I have fallen behind, I developed in the network of American companies, but did not pay attention to the development of their own national network of this site. In a word, stupid! At that time the mood – tears. The reason is simple: I am a workaholic, do this, do not consider that. Very simple

          as a warning for the future, I am still not lonely, it’s the first to open a personal website. In 2000, I opened a full HTML personal website. I have returned home. In February 25, 2002, the Sohu’s advanced Internet technology, strong brand advantage and huge network resources based on user, to agent channels nationwide, specifically for enterprise users launch technology application services and a series of Sohu. I took office at Sohu yellow Shanghai area general agent business executive. In this way, I went from a professional technical work to engage in market work. Because, I deeply understand that in order to do a good job, we must start from the market. In a year of actual combat work, I personally experienced the development prospects of the network, to understand the importance of marketing for an enterprise.

          in the event I sell YellowPage search arc, one of my friends asked me, why don’t you put his products on my personal website in the show? I would like to ah, I did not expect, I put up a week later, it was actually someone called to consult the product related issues. Well, it gives me a great insight into the space I have developed.

          at the beginning of 2003, I invested with my teacher


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