Alibaba mobile nternet mobile nternet strong push anxiety

Tencent science and technology reported on October 21st, there is no contribution on the wireless, we should not consider listing.

sources to Tencent technology revealed that at noon on October 20th, Ma Yun issued a call in the network to become an employee of Alibaba employees to promote the article. In this article, Ma not only stressed the relationship between the wireless and corporate listing, but also revealed some of his anxiety. In the mobile Internet era, Alibaba still has its own products.

and dealings, apparently has been regarded as the future of Ma and Alibaba on behalf of the highest level of products.

In this article

, Ma ridicule tone requirements, before the end of November, from the application of Ali employees must have 100 users outside the company, otherwise deemed to give up red. Of course, 100+ may not have a red envelope, there is no 100 is certainly no red envelopes."

"my present communication tool 80% is from", showing his broad not to mind taking the trouble in the circle of contacts ma. Mentioned not only "Liu Chuanzhi, Shi Yuzhu, Guo Guangchang" such industry heavyweights, there are Jet Li, Huang Xiaoming, Zhao Wei, Chen Kun, "such a film star.

This shows the importance of Ma

wireless service. Who is not involved, who should not stay in the company." He will even promote the exchange called Ali Ali to strive for the survival of power in the wireless age".

Ma Yun started to experience more than a month ago. That time, Alibaba officially launched a new wireless strategy based on.

September 10th, Alibaba restructuring framework. From this transition as the most important products, the Alibaba group CEO Lu Zhaoxi in the 4 edition of the conference, personally site for its cheerleaders.


, the Alibaba in addition to the re location of Alipay wallet, Taobao client of such products, in the development of the existing product resources also launched a Amoy shopping, Taobao travel such products, and the launch of a fire with a tentative meaning such Amoy products.

this is the instinctive reaction of the mobile Internet era Alibaba, even if the future may be integrated with other products, but more importantly in the exercise team." Insiders told Tencent technology, said, from the mobile strategy of Alibaba, there is still a lack of systematic layout."

the industry believes that the core of Alibaba is a deal, but this has not yet been established on the mobile internet. So the most important thing is the flow of Alibaba and channels, which is reflected in its investment and mergers and acquisitions this year, the decision reflects the anxiety.

in fact, Alibaba in the next wireless terminal to face more competition giants. In a few days ago, Ali small micro domestic business group president Fan Zhiming in media communication conference boasted, "to pay by WeChat, Alipay is too small.


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