China Unicom to buy the domain name is expected to 100 thousand yuan

May 4th, according to informed sources, China Unicom has recently bought the domain name, industry insiders estimate the transaction price of 100 thousand yuan.

said the source, China Unicom recently purchased from the domain name investors domain name, but the specific amount is unknown.

according to domain name investor analysis, due to, is still in the hands of others, a single domain name transaction price will not be too expensive, estimated at 100 thousand yuan.

the reporter found that the domain name has been transferred to a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Unicom network prestige name, but not yet open.

It is reported that China Unicom

, Chinese has released a brand new business "Wo" in April 28th, and plans to all of its business into brand unification "Wo", the official website address:



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