Stick to the industry character, reject temptation, refused to hang horse, start from our webmaster

first, the introduction of the grim situation, the current 60% of the site was hanging trojan. More webmaster related web sites are all linked to the horse acquisition flow advertising the sale of part of the following screenshot 2 famous statistics web page.

initiative: currently 80% of the virus is infected by the virus through the web page. Personal web page or a lot of live performance, because the security is not in place, or for selling pop, being loaded trojan. Now the network page virus rampant, insecure, if not controlled in time, the personal website of the future is still sadly, starting from the side, begin from me, to horse, refused to buy (buying a lot of pop-up ads, pop-up is used to hang a Trojan). Rely on site traffic and the user’s own to make money. Strengthen the construction of network security. Also a relaxed network environment.


if you install antivirus software can monitor the main directory of the machine. Then you will find. In the course of the day when you surf the Internet, there have been many times when you open the web page, there will be.Exe.dll files to your computer. You have to worry about whether the QQ will be stolen. Online banking security. The next game equipment will not belong to you. Whether you and intimate photos will not easily become among the joke of others. The speed of the machine is more and more slow, and every time the anti-virus is always alarm. Some poisonous card, even if you nuodun, Jiang Min, rising all are not deleted. Your poison is much higher than before. You can’t say for sure that your machine has no virus.

how the virus is so rampant poison really make us part geometry, and in this field to make the game the desperation of the majority of Internet users and hated plays what role? This paper from many aspects and horse related talk about what I know. May be a lot of people will secretly laugh after reading this article shallow. But as long as this article can get some webmaster brothers identity, in the next very happy.


horse, interests?

first talked about the horse before we come to clear up some concepts of

we often see some people say that the acquisition of a large number of game envelopes, then the envelope is what?

a game account password password is an envelope

what is the price for an envelope?

ranging from 5 to a few dollars, Warcraft $3.5 an envelope.

how much do these people make?

, I really can’t answer it. But the following story should give you a big picture.

a year ago. I’m in charge of a company in Wuhan. There is a station in the period when the world ranking is 3000. In a week’s time I

have found that web page is linked to the horse. Always use a variety of tools for killing no fruit. Change and add. Added and changed. >


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