O2O menu simply can not stop!

O2O single brush is common, in order to obtain financing to favor and to meet the needs of the market, many enterprises have begun large-scale secretly brush. This behavior is not good for consumers and businesses themselves. A single brush for enterprises is so Shajiquluan, even won the benefits in the short term, in the long term is no good, but many enterprises still have, endless, root of this problem lies in the free market.

At present, China’s

O2O industry brush single has become very serious, almost no brush single enterprise and no fraud companies, so the status quo serious mainly on their own need to take most of the responsibility. Although the development of China’s market economy is not yet mature, but in the future for a long period of time, the Internet companies still need to continue to develop, which means that companies have the possibility of change. So the development of enterprises will be in a few directions? At present, there are three main directions.

China’s current O2O food brush how serious

giants have brush single

first, in a O2O industry, the leader is certainly a huge giant company. The company’s direction directly determines the atmosphere and to the market, but now, hungry, beauty and other catering O2O have different levels of the single brush line, so that other small companies have to follow, then a sudden chokedamp miasma, the entire market and industry are threatened by growing crises. From the giant brush single phenomenon can be seen in China’s O2O food and beverage industry, how serious and severe brush.

brush single birth security issues, reputation issues

single inoculation is also full of hazards, first of all, security issues, followed by the credibility of the security problem is mainly caused by a series of brush payment system security issues. Followed by the credibility of the problem, the frequent brush will inevitably lead to a credit crisis, resulting in the degree of distrust of customers on the platform. Therefore, there are still a lot of people brush the consequences of unbearable, but if you can not solve these problems in a timely manner, the market will continue to chaos. The market turmoil is the first harm to customers followed by the enterprise itself, but in the end to the enterprise or the fire difficult to continue.

single brush burn crisis triggered

Another serious consequence of

frequent scalping is cause burn crisis, due to the frequent O2O financing, resulting in the need of frequent burn, this dilemma is inevitable. If you have money, the final outcome is certainly dismal, if is the enterprise development process under normal circumstances that burn is certainly not what the problem is, but if only to brush and fraud to burn it, then certainly not conducive to the long-term development of the enterprise, will eventually be Shajiquluan as the result of.

O2O industry in the future will be how to develop?


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