The 28 year old station host customers 6 years has been jailed for 5 years in prison for the same of

to create pornographic websites, recruiting members, and dissemination of pornographic videos, pictures, reporters learned that morning, the main station, pornographic websites 28 year old Guangxi closed Haimingyin guilty of the crime of dissemination of pornographic materials, Chaoyang Court sentenced to 6 years imprisonment, fined 30 thousand yuan.

court found that closed in May 2010 on the Internet for the Hamming space and domain name registration server, create a "passion century" website, and be responsible for daily maintenance of the site. After closing the Hamming to attract a large membership, the spread of pornographic video, pornographic pictures and obscene articles on the site. As of July 2011, 11 members have been closed Hamming development, in the "passion century" website dissemination of pornographic video 1, pornographic pictures 715, of Article 126, the cumulative hits more than 24 times. In the meantime, close to the Hamming membership fee and advertisement fee, to obtain illegal income 8000 yuan.

It is reported that

, this is not the first time closed Hamming committed the crime, was in March 2, 2006 in Hubei province Wuhan city Hongshan District People’s Court on the same charges and sentenced to five years imprisonment.


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