Ten million angel took 15 years of financing a large market why he said large wind has changed

invested an average of 500 thousand compared to the previous, "Crazy" is Celia network movie new art first big investment, investment and Tencent jointly produced millions. This is a new change in 2016 new art: to increase foreign investment, reduce commercial elements, increase the content of property.

the reason for this move is that the market has changed the direction of the wind. New arts CEO Lv Lei I dark horse admitted that he was feeling the change at the beginning of the year. "After a year, suddenly found that now the network project too much, several times more than last year. I feel like I’m not going to be able to make a low cost film like I used to."

as the film "like last year, Lv Lei was referring to do two new arts before ten with properties of micro film advertising or network. In the network before the filming of the new art has been popular at the time called "micro film", the essence is the content of the advertisement. Later, with the evolution of the content of the market, the story of the film became more popular implants. The new art also filmed a number of similar movies, advertisers are mainly some Internet Co.

so far we have a relatively successful operation of a fashion micro film, about 1 hours, and a social APP cooperation. We put it into the film, let a few leading actress to use. Not on the line back to some of the funds." Lv Lei said that this cooperation also allows customers to be satisfied with the new form of publicity that APP good results.

with such a cooperative mode of cooperation, the new art to complete the early shooting of nearly twenty films. Also achieved a good carrying water, according to its introduction, in 2015 the annual total of more than 5 million of the box office, but also reached a cooperation with more than a dozen brands.


new co founder Lv Lei (left) and co-founder of (right)

but at the beginning of the year, online video content market suddenly booming, a large number of companies began to make large, in addition to advertising, and pay into. Ushered in the market competition, if according to the way before filming, will lose the market. In the face of this change, the new arts began to transition.

"this year we will mainly take several million investment network. Heavy content, less implanted or not implanted." Lv Lei tells.

at the same time, the new arts are taking the pace of financing. In May this year, Shanghai Rong and Beijing Wanyuan Zhongbang has invested ten million Angel round of funding. Lv Lei said, foreign investment and talent have change as the market rises, funds will be used for the company’s operations and personnel training.

network movie is considered to be a new market information, this is the name of Iqiyi in 2014 first "invention", at the same time, the major video sites are beginning to launch large concept, purpose is to enrich the content resource platform. With the concept of "content to pay", "consumer upgrades" continue to be hot, you can achieve a big box office revenue gradually get the movie


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