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in March this year, Ping An group made a sports marketing by the League of the momentum, and in May 8th, nine rich mobile financial big brother also joined the "Beijing morning news", held a 21 km half marathon and 5 km race family welfare. Mutual gold giants have engaged in sports marketing, seems to just run behind the run, in fact, hidden more profound content.

in fact, nine rich is not only love to engage in sports marketing, but has repeatedly cross entertainment, public service, entertainment and entertainment stars, through cooperation to show their strong mobilization ability and cohesion of fans. Marketing is always for the market and service strategy, multi field cross marketing behind, actually highlights the mutual gold giants in the field of Inclusive Finance ambitions, but also reflects the mutual gold giant layout with a scene in an attempt to expand more marketing strategy.

cross entertainment sports public service of Jiu rich, are attracting more users, become rooted in mutual gold and a gold cross beyond

sports marketing behind the hidden fan economic ambitions

May 8th, nine rich mobile financial big brother and the "Beijing morning news", jointly organized a "2016 music run Beijing" + "public 5 km" activities, events included 21 km half marathon and 5 km race family welfare. In fact, only a sports marketing activities which is not nine rich organizations. In the last year, nine rich I joined the "stop, love" public welfare activities, on foot " at the beginning of this year is the "Lining 10 km road race league". For the nine rich, sports and public nature of the activities in action again and again, the Internet financial big brother that active and healthy image is deeply rooted in people’s impression.

will always play marketing not only just nine rich sports marketing, entertainment marketing is also a master. No matter is the last summer "Daddy where the 3" first interactive TV ads, or later, Jay Chou and Aska Yang concert of cross-border cooperation, show the nine rich strong marketing strength and advocate fans economy ambition.

whether the sports marketing or entertainment marketing, or nine rich cross-border cooperation in the fields of sports, public service, entertainment, variety and so on in the back are showing a nine rich financial sector in the Internet that make financial life more simple, let better financial ideas and life values. This kind of entertainment marketing, sports marketing with 27 million users Fujiu nine rich platform at present, let the fans marketing become more efficient and close to life.

because, for Internet banking platform, users need to trust more voice of the platform itself, which is close to the practice of the nine rich fans also will let users and fans feel more at ease. This process of marketing entertainment, sports can also strengthen the contact between the fans and fans to understand, for advice, product demand, nine rich can also launch customized products according to the needs of users at any time. As the nine rich and founder CEO Sun Lei used to say mobile financial, as long as the fans love.


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