On the new thinking of network marketing

when people talk about how to promote their website, I always want to laugh. A lot of people say: the pursuit of the pursuit of the PR value, included the number of. I feel right, but not all.

today to talk about: how to quickly promote their website.

I have a site to do the program, friends may also know that search nets, a very new website, there is reference. Traditional means do not say, only to talk about one aspect of the problem: video marketing.

you remember last week, online fire event: after entry, touch with milk door, airline stewardess door, suck the door and so on. See the breathtaking, in fact, this is just a "network play heartbeat" video marketing activities.

through the network hot spots, the interest of the online video to mobilize them up. According to a survey: 70% of respondents were interested in getting news online video. 90% of people after this round of stimulation, the network video is very recognized. I summed up the event. Revenue is not only a few video sites, but it also developed an industry – video marketing industry.

many people will laugh, said the industry started early, you this is not nonsense!

actually, the real video marketing really started.

in July this year, with the 3G business in the mainland from spreading, mobile phone video has become very fire. Now some companies began to share this cake. Imagine a little scary. 300 million people with a mobile phone, the achievements of the short message industry; the 30 million with 3G, the achievements of the mobile video industry. The latter half of the sentence is not empty talk.

around the phone we can extend a lot: mobile video, mobile games, mobile phone software, mobile blog, mobile search, etc.. These industries will soon grow up, but there is a premise, when the mobile Internet tariff dropped to a certain extent, it can be said that a lot of companies are saving power, waiting for the arrival of this moment.

this is just a part of the video marketing channels for the proliferation of video.

I want to say today is mainly for video marketing: a website made a short film. Just like some of the directors for the motherland make obeisance movie.

can be based on the characteristics of their web site to set up a story framework to build. Can write articles, and then find a video studio, or to the university to find some photography enthusiasts to shoot, spread very well. Touch the door is a good example of milk, to know that this event confirms the spread of the network, but also let us taste the Internet box. Just like we did for the nets. Probably the plot is so;

a young man after graduation, Zhang Jie has not found a good job, after a number of blows, the eyes will give up, the fate of the moment changed……

he joined the search nets, in the inside to play


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