How to plan and profit

e-commerce website how to plan and how to profit?


type of e-commerce website is more and more, in the next few years, the development of electronic commerce should be very fast, whether it is for the domestic demand and foreign demand, compared to now, can have a very large increase, it is because the electronic commerce will be a very big development level in the future in recent years, so now do e-commerce is more and more, although the electronic commerce in the future will develop very fast, but we don’t see a lot of home to follow suit, do e-commerce website, selling clothes, selling shoes. They just go to the site to send a little paste, I feel this is e-commerce. It’s not that simple.

before starting to do e-commerce, you have to know what you want to do and what you want to do. First of all, we want to determine whether the brand marketing, or do product marketing. This is very important, if you do brand marketing, upfront investment may not be a little return, but once the brand to do it, there will be a qualitative leap. On the contrary, if the product marketing, we have the most important thing is that there is no sales only, for the brand, just rely on the word of mouth to pass.

if we want to do is brand marketing.

1, email marketing.

2, CPA, CPS advertising marketing.

3, search engine promotion. (search and search)

4, soft Wen promotion.

I just want to come out for the four aspects of the promotion, as for viral marketing, I think not quite suitable for electronic commerce, after all, is to do the brand, do viral marketing, the brand is more hurt.

1, e-mail marketing needless to say, is the use of e-mail for mass. Happy network should be said that the use of this method, as many people say, these groups will not harm the site’s brand. We must know that when no one knows the site, that is, when there is no brand, no brand why pay attention to these things?

2, advertising marketing is very important, a lot of large advertising alliance, such as CHANET, 9V, pulse advertising alliance, etc.. Here they are advertising has very many website owners, they use advertising under so many website owners website, you can in a few days, we put the electronic commerce website to the entire internet.

The promotion of

3, for search and search for search, I believe we all know, search engine is to give money, then put his words into the front of the search results, and what is the relevant search? For example, we enter the "stationmaster" in Baidu, he will automatically pop up like "love station keywords" etc.. And these are related searches. If I say


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