WeChat to sell is not difficult to teach you how to sell the products

this time has been busy with the company’s business, coupled with a group of people to do micro electricity supplier, so there is no time to write something, all busy with people and company management, and there is a video tutorial, etc..

recently we are concerned that I am doing a mask of the project, a lot of my friends thought I was a small agent to go. Also asked me, your mutual communication webmaster nets do not do it?. In fact, I do mask is to help manufacturers in the online investment, of course, he gave us the lowest price of the whole network. However, we have to do a lot of copies of this product as well as advertising what is very troublesome, and now the company’s 10 colleagues are busy with this project.


since the last published several papers on micro electricity supplier articles, many friends asked me how I added WeChat to do micro electricity supplier, how to add more friends, how to sell more products. In fact, I have been studying this aspect of things, during which I found a lot of celebrities, from the media who are very easy to sell things. Ordinary people want to sell really hard, because they have no fans, no influence, and people do not believe him.

so, my group of students, I ask them to build a blog. They also teach them how to shape their own image and attract fans. A lot of students to build a blog after they reflect a wide range of contacts, and many fans also take the initiative to find their goods.

most of the micro electricity supplier is now basically in the promotion of WeChat above, even in the PC side is also made a number of friends pull posts. This is very useful if a lot of resources are wasted. If you want to make money by sellers to establish contacts and customer resources will be your most important job. If only in to share some pictures every day, I think the impact is not enough.

so what can we do to build more contacts, the use of network resources to make our contacts and customer resources more powerful?

first: build a blog

Why build a blog? Because it can make people around the world to see you, if you only do marketing in the limited circle of friends, see you only then hundreds of thousands of people every day. But if you build a blog, it may bring you thousands of users every day. It is different from the circle of friends is that its human resources are unlimited. As long as the network can access to your blog, can know you. And your circle of friends is basically built on a small scale. Imagine that you have to do hundreds of business people, or tens of thousands business? Do you think a blog is not very necessary? In addition to this blog also can crawl a lot of search engine traffic, of course, is the first to have the weight of your blog. Can we do not weigh the first, at least, we have this opportunity. Perhaps one day your blog’s article is a large web site, then


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