2015 ten nternet most effective free promotion

lead: do network promotion must find a professional SEO optimization company to do a few key words? This is not certain, there are a lot of methods you certainly are not found.


do network promotion must find a professional SEO optimization company to do a few key words? Must go on network promotion training class, set up their own marketing team? Is their painstaking research, his promotion plan


on the inventory of the ten most effective way to promote the Internet free of charge, in the upcoming 2015 to provide a huge boost for all businesses (especially startups) to flourish.

1 soft Wen promotion index: 5 star

soft promotion can be described as one of the essential tools of network promotion. In a relatively large flow platform above a soft Wen marketing is now very popular practice. It has the advantage of easy to operate, in many web sites are free of charge, but the higher quality requirements of soft Wen, if the soft nature of the advertising characteristics may be rejected.

shortcomings: the quality of the soft, the promotion effect has a direct impact.

2 Forum (BBS) recommended index: 4 star


Forum (such as mop.com, Tianya) belongs to one of the main forms of network community, is also a very good promotion channels, in general, the forum a huge user base, wide audience, interactive, you can make an impact, can release the related text, in the forum post, the information disclosure, this way the overwhelming is to release information, like fishing in the vastness of the sea, no matter can not catch, and only know network.

shortcomings: a large number of participants in the forum, community sector wide, the target audience is not easy to determine. There is a higher quality requirements of soft Wen, need to cooperate with the team hype.

3 Q & a website recommendation index: 4 stars

Q & a website (know almost, Baidu Q & A) has a strong interaction, can quickly spread information. As one of the important ways to promote the network have to mention, Q & a website promotion is one of the means of word of mouth promotion. The use of Q & a website, combined with the skills of SEO, throw out the user’s concerns and answers, implant related information. It generally has a high weight, included fast, ranking and other characteristics, but also is a good way to promote.

shortcomings: its account level requirements, relatively troublesome.

4 site navigation index: 5 star

site navigation (Phuket 114 site navigation station platform), major companies have been trying to call site navigation flow entrance as the preferred way of promotion, but due to the site navigation page space is limited, covering complex, it is difficult to get a space for one person and can’t find precise.


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