28 Liu Bing analysis of the forum to promote a few tips

28 push Liu Bing share several small skills in the forum to promote the network promotion, network promotion from the last century, people began to start, but now the development of the Internet is too fast, many promotion methods could use has been eliminated, many new owners are hoping to get a pot of gold from the network at the same time, along with the era of popular network promotion, more and more traditional industries to promote the network team, and has a good performance in the network promotion, which have benefited from the good promotion methods.

at the same time, different industries and products to choose different promotion mode, so that we can achieve better results. Before I and a few stationmaster network promotion is discussed several basic skills, now I put these in 28 pushed the skills and methods of the forum summary, summed up, these promotion methods in order for the following promotion strategy:

Forum promotion skills, blog promotion skills, soft Wen promotion, mail promotion skills, group promotion, promotion tools marketing skills, small promotion, popular topic promotion. Now I would like to talk about the benefits of the forum to promote and tips, hoping to give you some help webmaster friends.

for the forum, many webmaster friends are not unfamiliar, from DZ, phpwind forum Kaiyuan, many webmaster use DZ Forum; today, many well-known forums, such as we know 28 push BBS is the use of the DZ forum, because these are the source code developed a professional company, at the same time you can upgrade, and maintain the stability of the technology. To be trusted; why the first discussion forum, the forum for the popularity, but also very directly, take the 28 forum, we want to do marketing at the forum, the first thing we need to do the following skills.

first, personal signature, you need to make good use of their products editing section, there are many restrictions on personal forum signature characters, so you need to control statements, should be concise, but also customers can understand www.SEO1080.com is the best web site, QQ, is the most complete product information and publicity, in reply the time can be displayed as SEO, at the same time, browse the posts of friends to see your signature, it can not only do their own propaganda SEO. Not shoot two hawks with one arrow?

second, the personal image, you can make a little small advertising pictures in standby, 28 push forum, after registration can upload pictures up, in the top post and post at the same time, will be displayed, kantie friends can not only see your post to understand what you are doing and if there is a need of a friend, and you will certainly be able to contact, but also let more friends are not unfamiliar to you, so also do the advertising benefits.

third, make good use of their free promotion, 28 push BBS post personal signature, only when the registration point of personal information inside, I set the title and content optimization, connection can be shown on the right in when you send the theme, it is very convenient and.


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