7 days 30 small million new users how the team gold in micro-blog

single APP application, within 7 days from the day of open platform Tencent micro-blog got 300 thousand independent IP, 20 days a total of 4 million topics, until now, there are more than 15 bits per second are new users join in the topic. A rough estimate, covering a population of at least 100 million. This is our Tencent micro-blog open platform for a partner to do an application data.

frankly, this is a bit of a surprise to me. Original impression, Tencent, micro-blog is a worthless platform. Now, our main business in Kang accusing him of all transferred to the Tencent on the open platform, for the third party enterprise app application development. This application is for Jiayuan do, in 7 days, the site every day to get new registered users between 7000 and 10000 from the Tencent micro-blog platform. Very impressive numbers.


Jiayuan insiders told me that the registration before they advertise on the conversion rate of other media in general about 1%-2%, and the Tencent micro-blog open platform data show that the highest conversion rate has reached 5%, the average conversion rate was about 4.5%. And this part of the user activity is much higher than other channels, in accordance with the cost of 5 yuan to calculate a single user, the daily new registered users at around $10 thousand, a month to save the marketing costs of more than $1 million.

In addition to

registered users has been growing at a high speed, the company’s brand exposure rate of coverage to millions of people, the traditional marketing channel registration cost is far higher than that of open platform, Jiayuan hao123 home page advertising a month to hundreds of thousands of registered users, and the direct result of the cost is very high, is more a kind of brand promotion


open platform is concerned about things in 2011. Especially the Internet Chinese several representative company announced that it would shift to an open platform, the size of the domestic companies are paying close attention to the benefit from the open platform, many startups get high-speed growth in space from the open platform. We will also focus on these aspects, pay attention to do a good job of the enterprise and the team, in this process, we also learn from other companies there are a lot of development and marketing experience.

talked about the open platform, had to mention the beautiful said, from him, we understand and focus on the open platform, and benefit from the open platform.

beautiful said CEO Xu Yirong had said: the beauty of the application on the open platform as an important asset sites. It can be said that there is no open platform, there is no beauty that the rapid development of. From the shrimp to say beautiful segments of the population to make the products in light is to do subtraction. Beautiful said 40% users and traffic from the open platform. Open platform is the flow distribution of exports, the user according to their own interests, choose a different application, beautiful said according to the characteristics of their own site, the development of the application is mainly for female users, from.


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