Good nets closed after the nets are copycat how good promotion

a few years ago, in an occasional case know good nets, Haoei (.Com). Note: This article in order not to give a series of Haoei web site outside the chain, deliberately in the domain name with parentheses, and the front without WWW, the same below. ] I will not introduce good nets, look at it directly on other sites of hair soft wen it: good committed to providing personalized service site navigation for the user, you often visited the site into a web site navigation, and self editing according to their needs, you can easily drag the mouse through random changes. Adjust the categories. Your personality website navigation set up for your browser home page, bring great convenience for your internet.

in fact my understanding is that, in the traditional site navigation hao123 (.Com) based on Haoei (.Com) is to allow users to define your own site navigation; with some Ajax, add some fancy drag function. Then propaganda is the so-called Web2.0 site navigation. However, this trick is also really good work, set up in 2005, when about 2007, by the end of the beginning of 2008, also received $3 million in venture capital. To this year (2010 March 11th), good user but that good can’t access. The reason for this is because Haoei (.Com) domain name is notorious for the new network hold. Good "collapse" before, it was a huge traffic, so a copycat good nets.

to turn now, I don’t know what a good copycat nets is the first one to start "when". From.Haoei (.Tk) in im286 soft Wen, he is the first. So we will be when it is the first one – this is precisely the power of soft. Haoei (.Tk) domain name owner approach is to quickly register the Haoei TK domain name, the domain name to the previous genuine Haoei (.Com) server where the IP address Then, to Tianya forum, Baidu know and other places to send, said Haoei (.Tk) is a backup domain haoei.

according to Haoei (.Tk) argument, after their own, only Haoei (.Info) and Haoei (.Tv) continue to follow suit. Haoei (.Info) approach is mainly blog promotion. Haoei (.Info) in Sina registered the "good nets blog" that looks like a good Nets Official blogs, avatars are used before the nets logo. "Good nets and then released the latest announcement" in the blog said, "good nets all domain names have turned to Haoei (.Info)", "new official visit to address for Haoei (.Info)" etc.. And then released a number of other soft Wen, said how to prevent the loss of their beloved web site, how to use the search after the loss


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