Acquisition tool competition

is purely personal sentiment

current webmaster circle, more popular collection tools have a lot, but to sum up, the more famous free of charge so few

The use of

1. locomotive number should be the most, mainly concentrated in the new
features: multi function, high speed
disadvantages: more functions, more and more, for memory, speed, collection quality of some reduced, unstable

2. three of us are walking together in the main forum, can be called on the first
or for the forum for Technology Forum: charging technology, free advertising

3.ET features:
: technical support forum, the software itself is free, but also provide service charges. Help file less, not easy to get started

4. features: massive, Heiner
keyword crawl, can preview the content acquisition, do not write the rules of
technology seems to site suitable for: no forum fees, free function limit
disadvantages: the classification is not convenient, also said the acquisition not easy to classify, manual (automatic confusing), specific interface

summary: the pursuit of full-featured, it seems that the train should be selected, the locomotive is called "omnipotent", the initial station, you can quickly collect a lot of resources, enrich the content of the site. If you do the forum, the choice of three people, yes, you can achieve the acquisition forum, reply, move a number of forums. Long station, of course ET, take the time to understand, is a long-term benefit. Written rules, set the filter replacement, then can be as open as QQ, long run, without memory, automatic acquisition and update, clear classification, collection content is complete, but said, a station, a station is +ET enough. As for Heiner, does not seem to write rules, easy to use, but for the publication of the article, not like ET once and for all, but feel more work, but can do special, this is the special website.


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