Method for obtaining site Alexa ranking value

access to the site Alexa ranking numerical method  

  the network has a lot of articles on how to automatically crawl the site’s Alexa rankings, but a closer look at the data found crawling (Alexa ranking

value) was added to the Alexa a lot of interference elements, if only to the data (Alexa ranking value) displayed on the page no problem

, if you need to deal with data such as numerical two website rank or website ranking will be stored in the database for the day after the transfer of numerical

use, it is necessary to grasp the data to be handled properly.

  the following is my own combination of other users to provide the code to grab the data after processing to obtain a clean numerical method. Core

function code is as follows:

Description: a users have through other ways to achieve this function, but not published or published methods, I cannot read (I do not know PHP and other programming languages), so here I must.

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