Experience in online production of favicon.ico

I have been wondering, how do I get the ICO in the browser?

know today. Many browsers have this function now.

found online production of Favicon.ico production.


a description

* about favicon

favicon.ico        —          favicon file (support 16*16 and 32*32 two formats)

by uploading a favicon.ico file, you can add a favicon to your web pages in your web, and < head> < /head>… Statement is inserted into the middle of the following HTML label:

< link rel=" shortcut icon" href=" favicon.ico" >

< link rel=" shortcut icon" href=" favicon.ico" >

< link rel=" icon" href=" animated_favicon1.gif" type=" image/gif" >

If you want to upload


* about WINRAR compressed within the extra folder

in order to facilitate everyone, and made the following 2 additional documents for you, how.


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