The Circular on regulating the network reproduced the copyright order network media will subvert the


in April 22nd, the State Copyright Bureau issued a "on the norms of network copyright reprint order notice", a ripple, the most concern is engaged in the network news company, this rule has broken the ecological model of China network existing in theory, without authorization in good times free reprint has been in the past, but this notice will really subvert the existing pattern of ecological Chinese media? What it provides? What are the effects of China media industry is the most important? What are the consequences of


traditional media against the earliest predicament of network era first appeared in America, of course, foreign copyright protection is not very complete, so between network media and traditional media, but with Google’s contest. In November 9, 2009, news group CEO Rupert · Murdoch, including the times, the Wall Street journal, including several major newspapers charging system, and prohibit Google index’s website. This is a failure of the war, although Murdoch mastered the United States and even the world’s best quality of several major newspapers, culminating in the shield Google less than three years, active bow open shield, because there is no traffic due to his newspaper group economic loss is too high.

The game also

in Europe also have several European countries, including France, Belgium, Spain and other countries of the news media teamed up to put pressure on Google, Google to pay for news crawls, but eventually settle a matter by leaving it unsettled.

how can we interpret the notice


first, not all reproduced must pay

notice of Article 1:

", the Internet media reprint the works of others, shall comply with the relevant provisions of the copyright laws and regulations, must pass the license of the copyright owner and pay compensation, and shall indicate the author’s name and the title of the work and the source of the work. Except as otherwise provided by laws and regulations."

is considered to be reproduced on the basis of the charges, but the seventh is so described:

seven, newspapers and periodicals and Internet media should establish and perfect the copyright management system. The establishment of the unit and the employees of the unit to enjoy the copyright of the work of the library, indicating the ownership of the work of the information, permission to use the work of others shall specify the authorization, authorization and other relevant information. The establishment of a license to use the work of others information library, indicating the source of rights, authorization, authorization and other relevant information."

this is one of the traditional media and network media have a limited license, is the two sides can be coordinated, the possibility of giving free reproduced space. But the "notice" provisions of article fourth, "the simple truth message" can be reproduced, that is to say pay limit the scope of the news is the traditional media with the creation of the nature of the content, the fact is not the simple message defined.

secondly, the traditional media discourse has been strengthened


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