SiteServer CMS first template contest officially launched

jointly organized by SiteServer CMS, Chinese station, electric data, creative online collaboration held, stationmaster net special support "2010, I love SiteServer CMS" the first template contest has officially kicked off.

SiteServer CMS is the first template contest, sponsored by SiteServer CMS, the United Chinese station and creative online, a "I love SiteServer CMS" as the theme of the template making competition together together to create a number of media gateway. The contest is designed to provide more excellent website templates for SiteServer CMS users, while establishing a benefit sharing platform between SiteServer CMS and template providers, to create a long-term win-win relationship.

SiteServer CMS is a content management system of domestic high-end, in the coming year, officially held the first session of the contest template. The event is mainly to stimulate the enthusiasm of the creators of the template maker, the creation of interest in the creation of template enthusiasts, as well as more SiteServer CMS users to provide quality website templates. Organizers will provide a wealth of gift giving excellent template production staff, in order to promote the development of the CMS industry, so that more talented people to participate in the full display of talent, show the style.

it is understood that the game will last 6 months, giving the participants full time to design and production, and set up a total of 60000 yuan of funds. Competition award set up a prize, bonus 10000 yuan; the other prize of the two, a total of $12000 bonus; the three prize, a total of $9000 bonus; Finalist Award of 70 – 100, a total of about $three bonus ($30000).

It is reported that

, as the new year’s Day gift, the game and the top 100 players shortlisted show the author will receive 200 – 400 of the bonus, and all participants will receive free space provided by special electric Huatong 200M games, and the first 40 applicants will get me net charges for customers I made 50 dollars to pull. SiteServer CMS planning director Bo said the game is mainly used for the robe, to the majority of SiteServer CMS users to provide a stage to display their talents, but also want to take this opportunity to give the webmaster provide some practical help.

SiteServer CMS template contest official website:


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