Tianjin nternet Conference held successfully

      in June 16th, the Tianjin Software Industry Association of Internet application branch establishment ceremony of Tianjin Internet webmaster General Assembly held in shidaiaocheng hall. Activities jointly organized by the Tianjin software industry association and people.com.cn Tianjin window, Tianjin Municipal Science and Technology Commission, high-tech industrial park, software industry association, animation and game industry associations, computer users association, DoNews, Tianjin daily, North network, people’s Daily reporter stations in Tianjin Network Center, on behalf of the Tianjin branch of Xinhua News Agency news and Information Center, China Netcom Tianjin application center, and Tianjin’s financial, automotive, tourism, leisure, delicacy, education, health and other industries site responsible person to attend the meeting.
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        since entering in 2007, Tianjin has been focusing on the Internet as the core of the industry, and the situation of communication and cooperation has developed to a higher level. Tianjin city business seminars, Internet and electronic communication, the Internet Internet webmaster conferences seminars and other activities attracted from government departments, social organizations, Internet, telecom operators, news media, venture capital and other stakeholders involved, caused the parties concerned. Enorth, easy to network, ideal securities online, newsletter, China power network as the related domestic famous website. Tianjin software industry after more than ten years of development, the emergence of a number of outstanding enterprise Internet application software, such as the amount of Chinese segmentation technology search technology in the domestic leading level, to promote the development of the Internet industry in Tianjin has played a positive role in promoting. Based on the above, to promote the Tianjin Internet and e-commerce development, improve the software technology of Internet application level, approved by the Tianjin Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, association, Tianjin software industry association established Internet application branch members include: the Internet software companies, local portals, news websites, industry websites, telecom operators etc.. From the software industry association, science and technology, massive Enorth, people.com.cn Tianjin windows, xinhuanet.com Tianjin channel, automation network, web search, car brand network composed of representatives of the first session of the Council, Liu Weijun was elected chairman, people.com.cn Tianjin windows operations director Chen Shuhua as secretary general.

Tianjin Software Industry Association Internet application branch chairman Liu Weijun

      current Tianjin Internet industry has been formed in telecom enterprises as the main body, the news website comprehensive portal website, and the website as a secondary development pattern, North network, easy to network, ideal securities online, newsletter, China power network as the related domestic famous website. As of December 2006, the number of Internet users in Tianjin was 2 million 630 thousand, accounting for the proportion of the city’s population of 25%, broadband subscribers reached 780 thousand, the site of the 10800, the domain name of 54075.


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