Taobao mall renewal scheme a minimum of 12 thousand annual final

December 28th, Taobao mall, released before the "2012 Taobao mall business support program", according to the technical scheme, annual fee eligible businesses in 2012 can pay two times, a total payment amount to 12 thousand yuan and 19 thousand and 500 yuan two files, and pay the amount of deposit can be halved.


is required to support businesses to meet the conditions


2012 Taobao mall business support program

According to the provisions of

, billion state power network calculation, the original need to pay 30 thousand yuan fee technology businesses, in accordance with the new regulations, the need to pay 4500 yuan (9 months before the annual fee plus 7500 yuan (Technology) after three months, a total of 12 thousand yuan fee Technology); and the need to pay 60 thousand yuan fee technology businesses, is required to pay 4500 yuan (9 months before the annual fee plus 15000 yuan (Technology) after three months, a total of 19 thousand and 500 yuan fee technology).

, in addition, according to the program, eligible businesses in 2012 margin can be in the Taobao mall in 2012 Investment standard on the basis of the provisions of the half. Such as the brand flagship store, store, with a margin of 100 thousand yuan TM trademark merchants down to $50 thousand, all of the R trademark of the merchant fell from $25 thousand to $50 thousand.

it is reported that in September 2011 2012, Taobao mall announced the adjustment of investment rules, the original 6000 yuan annual fee technology increased to 30 thousand and 6 two thousand stalls, and a substantial increase in the margin, which improves the Taobao mall merchants settled threshold. Shortly thereafter, Taobao mall broke out small sellers protest. October 17th, Taobao held a press conference, announced that the new investment rules will be part of the adjustment, and will launch up to 1 billion 800 million yuan of business support program.


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