Potatoes into fries – potato net big turn


website also has more than a year, has continued to do several stations, such as: www.yuanzhuo8.cn (MDRT.) www.51chushu.cn (I want to book network)

the other is not to say, the two one belongs to the information, another is a business type, usually do small contact. Recently, there are a lot of things happened on the internet.

, a EMBA teacher, said: McDonald’s biggest success is to turn potatoes into potato chips, a simple process on the just dug out of the potatoes from the value of countless times. But want to potato network into a French fries network, but also benefit countless times, China’s video site pioneers who will go this way will be very hard.

Wang Wei is one of China’s most famous video sites, Tudou founder, recently encountered a lot of accidents". February 28th, the Asian Wall Street Journal reported that CCTV has the right to broadcast the Olympic Games in 2008, the right to authorize Tudou and Myspace China broadcast Olympic events rights. This has caused a huge whirlpool, each big website suddenly burst into an uproar. Because everyone knows that the 2008 Olympic Games website video player is a great advantage of resources, did not expect tudou.com could "The early bird catches".


they are envious of tudou.com opportunity, Wang Wei did not rejoice, but into more trouble situation, because the "Asian Wall Street journal" false this news, and CCTV international website tudou.com just "my podcast" and "my community" section to provide technical support and cooperation. "Asian Wall Street journal" news reports also angered the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee for approval of the "authorized" has not been BOCOG, CCTV also subsequently issued a statement, clarified that he did not reach any agreement on any website and authorization of Olympic Games video broadcast.

Wang Wei looked very aggrieved: I did not expect to make the Olympic Organizing Committee to find us, we are just technical partners."

is a rather baffling storm quickly up and down, only Chinese video website to move a small episode in history, but the video website career actually twists and turns and bumpy, now not only to profit model is not mature, the Spring Festival also had a huge policy of "off" events.

Chinese at the end of 2007, the Ministry of information industry and the State Administration of Radio Film and television jointly issued a notice, from January 31, 2008 onwards, all provide video services in the Internet Chinese company must be controlled by state-owned capital, otherwise unable to obtain business license required. And China’s largest video site potatoes, Youku, cool 6, without exception, is a private enterprise with the background of foreign investment, the announcement has undoubtedly become a video site bigwigs nightmare. It is said that the Chinese government has issued such a document because of the government’s control over the content of the web site is gradually increasing, especially the determination to clean up pornography, violence and Politics


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