The first mainland community operators shares the color of life end listed Qihoo 360 10 million inve

has been valued and is committed to community service industry has already been pre emptive, Fantasia, based on "living color" platform asset light profit model has been noticed, the mobile Internet community is being formed.


now, from last year to start the listing of the sprint color life finally to achieve the dream of becoming the first Chinese mainland community operations. June 16th, Fantasia Holdings Group announced in Hongkong, the color of life services group on the main board of Hongkong stock exchange officially listed, and the sale of shares to the world.

is reported that the Hongkong public offering will begin at 9 am on June 17, 2014, to close at noon on June 20, 2014 at the end of 12. And plans to begin trading on the stock exchange in June 30, 2014, the main board of the stock exchange, stock code 1778.

mainland community operation of the first color of life to the global offering of 250 million shares

Fantasia announcement according to the color of life was informed that the global offering 250 million shares, of which 90% of the global offering (i.e. 225 million shares, subject to adjustment) will make a preliminary issue according to the international offering, 10% of the shares (25 million shares, can be adjusted as initial public offering in Hongkong). The proposed issue price ranges from HK $3.30 to HK $4.60 per share, with a single offer of HK $4646.37 (including a brokerage fee of $0.003%, a commission fee of $1% and a transaction fee of $0.005%). The international offer shares 25 million shares will be available for eligible shareholders to subscribe according to the priority on fantasia.

assumes that the offering price is HK $3.95 per share offering (i.e., the median offering price range of HK $3.30 to HK $4.60 per share offering), the net proceeds from the global offering will be approximately HK $889 million.

for the net proceeds from the global offering, the color of life, about 60% will be used for the acquisition of local Property Management Company; about 20%, will be used for the purchase of hardware equipment to upgrade engineering services business segment of the community; about 10%, will be used for sales and marketing activities, investment in information technology software, to further develop the value-added service platform we; about 10%, will be used for working capital and general corporate.

The successful listing of the

color life, will bring greater benefits for the company. According to HKEx’s disclosure of the published data show that the color of life 197 million yuan in earnings from continuing operations from 2011 to 2012 of 147 million yuan, 233 million yuan and further increased to 2013, 2011 to 2013, the compound annual growth rate of 26.1%.

and the total net profit of 44 million 900 thousand yuan, 23 million 500 thousand yuan from 2011 to 2012 of 45 million 500 thousand yuan, and further increased to 2013, 2011 to 2013 compound annual increase.


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