One week news review Dangdang settled Tmall Nexus Q stillborn

Jingdong recharge platform traced to loss of 200 million

vulnerabilities is a rumor

22:30 yesterday, Jingdong launched a major vulnerability points for the bill activities, click on the button, the system will automatically recharge, recharge, but will not deduct points. On the contrary, if the recharge success, the return will be doubled back to the account. Users found loopholes in the news spread on the Internet, many users involved in. According to informed sources, there are a large part of the user to recharge the thousand yuan coins and calls. Even the user took the opportunity to recharge 360 thousand yuan calls.

Jingdong, said the accident was the result of the system of mall mall online integration of new business when the purchase of BUG, but a loss of $200 million is purely a rumor. Jingdong mall has been successfully repaired for the first time yesterday, the current user can use the integral points for the purchase of related products.

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Jingdong recharge platform is now a loophole is said to be suspected of theft of Internet users

Jingdong was traced to the loss of 200 million

vulnerabilities recharge platform


page Nexus Q or remove propaganda has been aborted

according to foreign media reports, Google (micro-blog) in the 2012 I/O Developers Conference released a "Nexus Q" spherical streaming media player. In short, Nexus Q is equivalent to a small computer, based on the Android system platform, built in TI’s OMAP 4460 dual core processor. It is worth noting that its power consumption is only 25W, and supports NFC, Bluetooth and Wifi network connection.

local time on Tuesday, sources said, Google has been removed from the official website of the product. Currently, Google’s official Nexus page has not been able to find any words about Nexus Q, instead of Nexus 4, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 new equipment information. This seems to indicate that Google is likely to give up this much anticipated device, Google has yet to comment on this.

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page Nexus Q or remove propaganda has been aborted

Google or give up Nexus Q: Official Website off the promotional page

The old

Google Nexus

hard soil Q spoiler living room market of household electrical appliance enterprises

Nexus Q indefinitely bounced Google’s transformation of


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