Net purchase of Apple’s new machine defective Jingdong was sentenced to three times compensation

March 28th morning news, Mr. Chen bought an apple in the mobile phone Jingdong online mall, the thought that can use the new mobile phone, mobile phone did not expect because of quality problems, trouble. Later, Mr. Chen will be Beijing Jingdong century Information Technology Co. Ltd. to court ordered three times compensation and delay costs, transportation costs losses. The day before the court of Haidian court heard the case.

June 27, 2015, Mr. Chen bought a Apple Jingdong iPhone 5S (A1530) 16GB silver Mobile Unicom 4G mobile phone. Online payment of 3488 yuan after the phone, in July 2nd received a new phone. But in the course of the next day, the phone headset has no sound. At first, Mr. Chen suspected that the headset is out of the question, but through other Apple phone test found that the fault is actually the phone itself.

July 4, 2015, Mr. Chen through the online mall customer service submitted a return application. July 6th, Jingdong customer service guide Chen call to try to restore the phone to the factory settings to eliminate the failure, and ultimately failed. July 7th, Jingdong online customer service audit adopted Chen’s return application. July 8th, Jingdong logistics personnel to pick up the door, but because Mr. Chen lost the phone invoices, and ultimately lead to return failure. Then Mr. Chen tried to contact Apple to solve the problem of mobile phone sales, but Apple said such a situation, should be solved by Jingdong mall. Therefore, Mr. Chen has submitted a replacement application on 13 July, Jingdong customer service. In July 23rd, Jingdong mall through replacement audit, and sent staff to take the mobile phone logistics. In July 23rd, the Jingdong store told Mr. Chen, the application of replacement service is not audited by mobile phone, and will be returned to Mr. chen. Jingdong mall told Mr. Chen, the reason for the return of the appearance of the audit is not. Chen reluctantly, had to negotiate with Jingdong mall related matters, but the two sides still can not reach an agreement.

August 3, 2015, Chen decided to go to Apple authorized service provider to repair the phone failure. Field maintenance personnel on the spot to open the phone and confirmed the phone headset jack failure, asked to return to the factory maintenance, Chen fill in the service report. The mobile phone manufacturers return to factory inspection, apple customer service issued a report not warranty to Mr. Chen, indicating the fault through non authorized mobile phone Apple or remove the modification caused the device to use or during maintenance becomes unavailable, therefore not within the scope of warranty. Mr. Chen then submitted to Jingdong online complaints, Jingdong Century Co and three times the return of compensation. But in the end Jingdong and failed to reach an agreement with Mr. chen. Therefore, Mr. Chen to court.

trial, Jingdong, Century Co argued that the main body of the prosecution and the defendant Jingdong Century Co main qualifications are not appropriate. Mr. Chen asked for the invoice to buy a mobile phone for the company rather than mr.. Moreover, the invoice is issued by Jingdong Chengdu branch, therefore, Beijing


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