Taobao at the end of August will purchase search index derived commodity description text


July 28th, sources told billion state power sources, Taobao will launch by the end of August the shopping search index. Analysts said that as a result of changes in the search algorithm before Taobao caused a large number of small and medium sellers to protest, this change will likely once again sparked strong concern sellers.

sources said the launch of Taobao shopping search, the key lies in "the index", which will be different from before the user search products mainly rely on the picture, "the description of goods details page text will become very important."

, according to sources close to Taobao responsible for shopping search, some sellers cheat is replaced by a picture of the product description. Instead of the full text search, will reduce the possibility of such cheating. And the importance of the description of goods is greatly increased.

is a high level, but did not disclose the name of the seller to billion state power, some information before he has learned that Taobao search guide. My understanding is that the shopping guide search is not to rule out the conventional search before, it is just equivalent to a Baidu search inside the advanced search, the mainstream is the default search Taobao home."

it is understood that Taobao search has been the title search". After shopping in Google search, Baidu also launched gradually strong commodity search, Taobao has gradually formed the "e-commerce shopping search entrance strategic threat, analysts believe that this is the reason why Taobao must launch its based on one reason in full information retrieval.

and network operations director Hu Song believes that the seller is concerned, the biggest impact is to use only the picture for the description of the seller, will not be able to search the search engine. "The album and beat the network user’s situation quite lucky, we have been described in the picture code implanted in the text, the picture presents rules, the search engine can search, so under the new rules, for the use and take the service of Taobao sellers but more favorable."

Hu Song believes that Taobao full text search and search engine search rules in fact, the same text information, and the image and video retrieval can not be accurate. "A lot of Taobao sellers used directly from other stores and websites copy picture, user purchase, delivery of goods by the seller and the goods shipped, so do not pay what cost, no risk cost, naturally in the buyers of the service business were casual shopping, causing great security risk to the buyer."

currently, some sellers are more ambiguous attitude. "It’s a remedy for the sellers’ protest against the change of the rules, and can also be seen as an act of shifting sight." One seller said to billion state power. He pointed out that the key to the operation of Taobao stores, is to look at the most important part of the search rules. The current Taobao search, the highest weight of the project is still popular, that is, the product page hits and conversion rate. The popularity of the high and low


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