Beijing police will conduct five public order online network of water army cracked down action

Beijing police will carry out five months online security network of water army cracked down action

[TechWeb] June 26th news reports, the Beijing police informed the media yesterday, from now until the end of November, will organize five month online security comprehensive management of special action, action will be to clean up the three types of illegal information online, against four network crimes, punish five disordering online objects as the key to focus on remediation of network crimes prominent. The network Navy and Internet marketer will become one of the focus of the fight against.

it is reported that the special focus on the three types of illegal information online, including firearms, online gambling and other prohibited, control, harmfulness of illegal information; four network crimes of endangering national security, including the dissemination of pornographic and other harmful social management order of traditional crime, phishing, hacker attacks and other network usurpation and sabotage crime; five disordering online objects include a high incidence of illegal information, the criminal activities of prominent websites, spreading false information to highlight the network "Navy" and "Internet marketer" etc..

it is reported that Beijing police special action by the network security corps, led by security corps to strengthen collaboration with many police department criminal investigation, economic investigation, narcotics and other cooperation, and strive in November this year, clean up a number of online illegal information, the detection of a number of major cases involving network, to guide the community to firmly establish the "network society is also the rule of law" social consciousness, build a green network space together.


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