Micro business can not be like the hawkers

I don’t know when to start, WeChat circle of friends appeared micro business advertising, one day a day, some even dozens of hair, in the form of advertising is also very explicit straightforward, word enough: good mother, my God, my God, is really, the effect is very good it. Before wiping, we look at, the skin is so dry Oh, there are wrinkles. Wow, my days and after, will take on an altogether new aspect. Good effect, very powerful, really took the…….

yes, I’ve taken it!

similar to the content of the ad does appear in my WeChat circle of friends, I did not pull black, because I want to exercise their own endurance. Feel shy, I didn’t bear! Because it is too noisy, just like every day I want to have a rest, ear from time to time, street vendors cry like. It can only pull black.

for the definition of micro business, it seems that as long as it is in the circle of friends to sell things WeChat, claiming to be micro business. The name is really nice, tall, every day, some of the products seem to fit the word. But this noisy ads can actually make customers objectionable, especially for those who had just started taking micro friends.

personally feel that some of the micro business should change this sharp form of promotion, from the customer point of view, at least have to respect the potential of the circle of friends of these customers feel. How to change


1, advertising content to soft: circle of friends like a large living room, everyone in the exchange, very elegant, very life, as if you suddenly yell loudly: micro business loss sale ah, a piece of money 10 towels ah, the last day of discount…… This is certainly not good. You have to know how to communicate with everyone, although it is not clear that everyone’s preferences, but you can write the content of the ads to be soft, try to cater to the feelings of customers, not for advertising and advertising.

2, push time to be appropriate: customers in general what time to open WeChat, when the most active interaction, which is the most basic things, micro business should be analyzed. Then at the right time, the advertising content planned to push out the illustrations, not all product information, properly adding other non product content.

3, the number of advertising is not much: no one likes to see the ads, micro business how to always send ads will cause resentment, loss of potential customers, reputation will be missing. So advertising and other content should be combined with push, including product related knowledge points, life knowledge, interesting things around.

4, multi-channel promotion: do not only fight in the circle of friends of WeChat, other mobile terminal platform, such as unfamiliar street, and so on can interact with the promotion, of course, PC side is also a channel, combined with each other to do. "Attack" to cover, do not call in a circle. Otherwise it can only become a street vendor on the phone.

5, good interaction: know how to communicate with customers, which is an important part of brand, reputation. Good sales is to make friends and customers, even at the ceremony. >


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