A number of consumer rebate sites suspected of crimes such as the Ministry of Public Security issued

in new network on 17 August, according to the news website of the Ministry of public security, the Ministry of public security, State Administration for Industry and commerce, the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of industry and information technology, the CBRC warning, recently, a number of consumer rebate, shopping "for the operation mode of the website and the company for alleged illegal crime is related to the local public security organs, industry and Commerce Department investigation.

initial investigation, the site or return to high rebates as bait, by the level of development of members, agents, franchisees to join, receive huge commissions, to obtain illegal benefits; some members and franchisees, agents by high rebate temptation, invest a lot of money, fictitious commodity trading, involved in illegal and criminal activities, profit from. On the part of the site and the company’s judicial audit found that many in a state of loss.

this site has the following seven characteristics:

a, in a certain period of time can be full, regular return to the high returns or benefits for publicity content, lure the masses to join;

two, to encourage the development of membership members, agents, franchisees, and in accordance with the development of offline or the development of a number of offline and the amount of consumption, the first entrants to be promoted and paid;

three, there are a lot of false trading behavior, which is part of the franchisee, agents, and other members of the actual commodity trading case, through direct pay a certain percentage of get high rebates or reward.

four, the rebate and the payment of compensation funds are not from commodity sales revenue, which mostly comes from franchisees, agents, membership fees;

five, the majority of franchisees by raising the price of goods, should be borne by the site to pay the cost to the members;

six, most of them did not obtain telecommunications business license;

, seven "high consumption rebate", "shopping" the business model violates the rules of market economy, capital operation can not maintain long-term. Once the funding strand breaks, the site can not continue to operate, most of the participants into the funds difficult to recover.

some enterprises exaggerated or invented such operation mode of the earnings outlook, can not support in the actual operating income and profit situation, through the development of staff and funds illegally remained in operation, seriously disrupt the normal market economic order, against the legitimate rights and interests of the masses and the unit, image damage regular e-commerce enterprise and industry, has been suspected of MLM or other illegal crime of illegal fund-raising.

ask the masses to understand the essence of the website and its operation mode, consciously resist, refused to participate in, to prevent damage to their own interests. At the same time, welcome the broad masses of the people actively provide clues to the criminal activities to the relevant departments, positive suggestions, widely participate in regulation, and jointly create a favorable market environment, safeguard the electronic commerce industry norms, orderly and healthy development.


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