Ali thesword not only the transformation of Juhuasuan group purchase

in the Alibaba, Juhuasuan is considered to be the "Heavenly Sword" role: to group purchase marketing mode at the front, "split" in the market to verify the consumer preferences for certain products. Today, Juhuasuan has begun to try something different from the new ways to buy.


source: Vision China

"Juhuasuan", literally from the point of view, the goods here means "cheap" and "discount": the original price of 128 yuan clothes, sold to $49; $238 of chocolate sold directly to the 118…… 50 percent off, full reduction is Juhuasuan’s label.

now, Juhuasuan wants to change this impression, began to introduce high-end product category.

in mid December, the first domestic brand – Longjiang Sheng Yuan and beef and cattle officially on sale in Juhuasuan, including on-line category style steak, sirloin and beef Chinese 11 and beef products.

and cattle are known as the world’s most expensive beef, the market price per kilogram can be up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Juicy meat tender, native to japan. Yuan Sheng group launched the cattle and the domestic brands are improved version of origin in Heilongjiang, Qigihar.

The main push

and bovine Choice Sirloin Steak two (equivalent to the classification system of Japan and cattle A2 grade) price of 168 yuan; the most expensive beef and bovine meat 3 Juhuasuan 600g price 429 yuan. This price is equivalent to 3 and the cattle market price of up to 60 percent off.


It is reported that

, all on sale on Juhuasuan and beef were implanted in the breeding process, equipped with the "Id", and a video recording of growing up, the growth process and health traceability.

and cattle are high quality, high customer price of goods. Juhuasuan general manager Liu Bo said, to three or four years ago, we want to do such a high-end category can not do."

three or four years ago, is the market group purchase shopping season. Juhuasuan was founded more than 4 years, the domestic market to buy a series of market reshuffle. The U.S. group, public comment, Wo Wo Group, 800, although the location is slightly different, but then everyone in the fight who goods cheaper, none more. Information intermediary, the temptation to attract users by low price buy mode has a congenital structural defects, it is difficult to maintain long-term customer.

1000 group after the war, only a few. Buy site businesses also can not afford it, many consumers are directed at a low price to go, and can not buy the model in the buyer to the conventional consumer platform up. In the face of the capital market’s situation, the U.S. group public comment selection of heating.

and Juhuasuan are looking for new ways to play.

first, it’s more and more on the fresh action. In the second half of this year, Juhuasuan launched cohesion youth activities have been launched


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