Businesses have to say something to the buyer

filed a transaction, we think the most is the interests of buyers, think of the damage caused by unscrupulous businessmen to buyers. Most people think that buyers are vulnerable groups, the injured party. So for the majority of businesses not being criticized. Even some brand shop is not subject to buyer’s negative comments, especially ordinary businesses? The sellers and buyers who are vulnerable groups, the seller should do, how to judge the buyer seller, as consumers will think a lot.

in the morning, the guardian of the network marketing communication group has a friend Tucao, news sources to buy their own audience, platform weight is 0, included rate was 50%, as a webmaster and SEO workers, I believe we can see Baidu’s announcement, the crackdown on spam news sources outside the chain, also saw the webmaster forwarding and micro-blog big platform. Even these are not seen as web site operators should know the sale of news source there is a risk of cheating. There is no effect is a need to pay attention to the problem. Baidu authorized platform weight is 0 (weight is given, the webmaster tools do not represent the website weight) has no effect,? Collection rate is 50%, why not think about the quality? Why not choose a good platform? This friend said to write an article for exposure, this issue has aroused a heated debate over.

buyers or sellers are vulnerable groups, the service is not in place? For many webmaster, should also think about this question, what is the reason for your site without cohesion, not enough to attract users. Is it true that the buyer is a vulnerable group? Is the user a vulnerable group? Guard to Taobao sellers as an example to explain where the user is wrong.

A: the seller sells the service, the buyer has paid attention to the service?

we all know that the seller is selling products, selling services. However, most buyers do not pay attention to this point. A very simple example: business discount clothing. There will certainly be a lot of friends willing to spend. Wait to buy these clothes found basically is on sale, is seasonal clothing. Don’t tell me you don’t know as a consumer. It is precisely because of this small gain that we have to suffer the consequences of. As for the current Internet industry, the service platform is the same, then do not blindly go to business with gusto, we enjoy the service before, before buying the product is not really to study business? Don’t tell me the network is virtual, unable to judge. Is it really impossible to judge? Most people will only be fooled by petty gain.

two: buyers can choose to buy, the seller can do?

is now more and more intense competition in the industry, especially the Chinese people to follow suit. A shop to make money, next to open ten stores. For buyers, you can choose to buy, but for sellers, what they can do, then switch? Finally condensed users will give up? Switch after will again face competition for such problems? "


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