BM let go of Microsoft and ntel, but WeChat won’t miss today’s headlines and micro-blog

maybe someone put WeChat calmly and the concept of the supremacy of product Guazaizuibian, Zhang Xiaolong said, the minimalist aesthetic is the Internet the best, Ma Huateng said not to demand 99% 1% users harassment. But you know, the so-called let users run out of the idea of the cornerstone, is the next second users are still.



If you know the history of

personal computer development, then the IBM PC operating system and the processor will be outsourced to Microsoft and Intel, which lost the beautiful rivers and mountains of a country story, you will not be unfamiliar:

then IBM is a pile of small bold demands of customers of troubled – low power personal computer. To focus on the mainframe field of IBM, this niche product no profit.

But since

market demand, no response to natural justified, IBM set up a personal computer in the R & D team in Florida, Boca Raton. Of course, far from their headquarters in Armonk, New York.

since the headquarters do not attach importance to the temporary construction of the team, the focus of research to promote the speed and cost, they outsource everything out, including the operating system and processor. For IBM, this method is effective: when the previous mainframe needs nearly ten years to study the formation of the Boca Raton team actually completed within a period of 12 months from concept to delivery process.

not many people think, IBM this standard outsourcing practices, the personal computer field of the most fat meat, inadvertently sent to two vendors – Microsoft and Intel.


today’s WeChat, more or less like that time IBM, he has good reason to worry about micro-blog and today’s headlines will become Microsoft and Intel:

had once suggested that WeChat exclusing micro-blog’s life, especially the development of WeChat public number, to a certain extent has been WeChat kill social magic micro-blog, from 2013 to 2014 has lost control of content force.

but in the past few years, micro-blog operates this social media system has become too strong to break. 2016, micro-blog shares rose to $55 from the lowest when the highest $12, the current market value has gone beyond twitter, has become a billion dollar China Internet Corporation, said micro-blog zte.

does not control the information flow, the ubiquitous marketing advertising, the local push, rather baffling look very angry and funny huge comments, micro-blog still won a poor user experience. But he accumulated that big V system as a black hole, it seems that every one has to be anywhere close to the crowd in a number of areas known


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