Microsoft push anti Google website Scroogled promote Bing shopping search


as Christmas draws near, the U.S. shopping season is about to begin, Google shopping search Shopping has long been filled with festive flavor. But Microsoft could not bear it, but also hope to take this opportunity to open their own Bing shopping search, then released an anti Google website scroogled.

Microsoft believes that Google Shopping in May after the revision, the search results are basically a list of paid advertising. They pointed out that in the Scroogled website announcement, "simply said, shopping search results they are now paid advertising," Google Shopping "is nothing more than a list of targeted advertising, but without the knowledge of the consumer will think that this is the search results".

in September, when Microsoft launched the Bing it on TV campaign in the United States, publicly challenging Google search results. Earlier in February, Microsoft is in the newspaper ads and Gmail man video satire Google privacy issues exist.


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